How to make amazing raffia pompoms with Bowdabra

raffia pompomsMaking pompoms is one of those necessary skills in crafting! Do you want cool looking pompoms instead of the usual yarn type? Perfect for spring and summer celebrations like Cinco de Mayo or Fourth of July? Make these amazing raffia pompoms!

You can easily make pompoms out of colorful raffia using your Mini Bowdabra! Imagine the possibilities and what you can do with them! Use raffia pompoms to accessorize just about anything! Hats, bags, sandals and even decor!

Bowdabra is such a multi-use tool.  Use it to create Instagram worthy bows, pompoms, tassels and so much more!

Raffia pompom with Bowdabra

Supplies Needed:

Pearlized raffia ribbon (100 yd. rolls)

Mini Bowdabra


Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks

Here’s how:

First, gather different colors of pearlized raffia ribbon for a festive look!

Next, cut a couple of strands of raffia in 12-inch lengths for tying and place down into the Mini Bowdabra, tucking ends under.

Then, place the ends of different raffia colors together (6 strands) leaving on the rolls into the Mini Bowdabra.

Now, begin wrapping them tightly around the Mini Bowdabra tower at least twenty times.

Finally, finish wrapping by placing strands down across the slot into the Mini Bowdabra and cutting off excess raffia.

 Then, lift the two strands up tying the raffia as tightly as you can while . . .raffia pompoms

Next, pull it up off the Mini Bowdabra Tower. Use scissors to cut the loops and trim the ends.

raffia pompoms

raffia pompoms

Trim and shape your raffia pompom

Place dots of hot glue around the center tie and hold strands in place to fluff together into a round pompom shape. Trim as needed.

raffia pompoms

Have fun accessorizing – like this hat! So cool!

raffia pompoms

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