How to upcycle ribbon scraps into an amazing centerpiece

Watch this quick and easy video as Bowdabra creator, Sandy Sandler shows you how to upcycle ribbon scraps into a gorgeous centerpiece.  Vary the ribbon colors to fit any theme or event!

upcycle ribbon scraps

How to upcycle ribbon scraps for an amazing centerpiece



30 in. Bowdabra Bow Wire

8” x 4 yards Burlap Ribbon

Assorted Strips Ribbon


Now, we’re going to upcycle ribbon scraps to create this gorgeous centerpiece in minutes!   What a super for scraps of ribbon, so let’s get started.

Add the Bowdabra bow wire

I’m going to start by taking my Bowdabra Bow Wire, and I’m going to cut a piece long enough that I can fold it in half. And I’m just going to lay this down into my Bowdabra and just tuck the ends underneath so they stay out of my way.

Now, I’m going to take this piece of burlap ribbon and we’re just going to fold it back and forth. So, this is going to be the base. This could be a really pretty centerpiece or door bow.

And I’m just going to fold this back. Because it’s the same on both sides of this ribbon, and it’s not wired, it’s just basically a really nice piece of fabric. So, I’m just going to fold this back and forth and lay this in here, fold it back over here and finish with this loop here.

Add the ribbon scraps

Next, what I do is I have all of these different scraps of ribbon, and I’m just literally laying them in the Bowdabra. I’ve already dovetailed, and if you’re not familiar with how to dovetail, basically, you’re going to fold the ribbon in half and cut from the corner to the end, and that gives you your nice finished dovetail.

So, we’re just going to keep laying these ribbons in here. And I love this because it’s a great way to upcycle all of your extra ribbon scraps that actually turn them into a gorgeous centerpiece. So, we’ll just fold that in here.

And please comment. Let me know what kinds of projects you’d like to see me do videos of in the future.

Now, we’re just going to put that in there and take another piece of this ribbon. And then, I have this gold ribbon. We’ll just lay that in. We’re just mixing and matching, and this is so super simple. I mean all you really have to do is be able to lay the ribbon into your Bowdabra.

Now, I have these pieces that are a little bit wider. I’m just going to lay those in and take this one.

Create the boutique bow

I’m just going to finish it with what I call a boutique bow. So, we’re going to take our ribbon and we’re going to fold it in half because I don’t want tails on this. I’m going to take the right side of the ribbon and push that down into the Bowdabra. Then, what I’m going to do is bring it back around, again, take the right side and scrunch that in so I have a loop here. Next, what I’m going to do is bring this back around, and I’m going take the right side of my ribbon and just push that down into the Bowdabra so I have an X.

I’m going to like my little mountain-up here, and do the same thing with this one, where I’m just going to do a little crease there.

Adjust and arrange your bow

To finish, all I’m going to do is take my Bowdabra Wire and pull that through the slipknot, pull it tight while it’s still in the Bowdabra. I’m going to pull it out. And I mean how super simple was that? Bring it around to the back and I’m going to just tie a knot. So, this could be a really pretty centerpiece bow, or you could also use it as a door bow. And then, we’re just going to take it back around here and just fluff it out. And you have this beautifully finished centerpiece

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