How to make a special gift bow for Mother’s Day

Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman here to show you how to make a special gift bow.  With Mother’s Day coming up, the Bowdabra makes it really easy to create bows for all your gift-giving needs.

 Special Mother’s Day Gift Bow

special gift bow

Bow Wire

Start by placing bow wire in the channel and wrap in under the Bowdabra so it is out of your way while you are creating your bow.

Cut a 12″ length of ribbon and place it in the channel.
As I wanted to use the bow as the package covering, I wanted to have excess ribbon to cover the package.

Make as many loops as desired, using the bow wand to push the ribbon into the Bowdabra between the layers.
I created 7 loops on each side, making each loop a little smaller than the last.

special gift bow

Pull up on the bow wire and tie off.  Fluff up the bow.

special gift bow

I wrapped the 12″ strip around the box and taped it in place.
This allowed the bow to sit on top of the box and have additional ribbon lengths flowing off the box.

special gift bow

Here is a close up of the top of the box with the bow – isn’t it pretty?

Next time you need to decorate a package, whether it be for Mother’s Day, a birthday, a wedding, etc., consider using the Bowdabra to create the perfect bow.

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