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Top 10 Stunning Simple Wedding Bows that You Can’t Ignore

“The highest happiness on Earth is the happiness of a wedding”- William Lyon Phelps (OPTIONAL)

Planning for a wedding is one of the most exciting things of life. The personal touch, the details, the décor, food, invitations and everything else needs to be planned toprecision. Certainly, it requires lots of efforts while planning a wedding, especially in the decoration department. And what adds to the beauty of literally anything? Yes, a bow. A bow is the perfect representation of two individuals bonding together beautifully. Create the most attractive bows with super simple and easy DIY ideas. Here are Top 10 Stunning Simple Wedding Bows that You Can’t Ignore.

1. Elegant Wedding Pew Bow

This beautiful Wedding Pew Bow is the perfect blend of mesh and ribbons. It is super easy and fun to make. Simply pick some ribbons of your choice, some tulle, some mesh, a wedding garland, bow wire and a few ribbon roses. These are the key things required to create a gorgeous wedding pew bow. Use the Large Bowdabra Bow making Tool to create your own beautiful pew bow in minutes. It will give your wedding décor that special personal touch which is precious.

Wedding Pew Bow

2. Silver Bow for A Holiday Wedding

The creator of the Bowdabra, Sandy Sandler is a renowned expert is making Wedding boutique bows in minutes. Check out her tutorials to know how to make amazing DIY Wedding Decor Ideas. To create this magnificent and massive silver bow, perfect for a holiday wedding, you simply need to place your ribbons in the Bowdabra and scrunch, twist, loop…scrunch, twist, loop and repeat. Dealing with a lot of mesh and ribbons to create a massive bow is no hassle at all when you have the Bowdabra. Tie everything up with the Bowdabra Wire and you have the stunning Silver Bow, ready in minutes.

3. Platinum Beauty Bow Centrepiece

What better than a beautiful centrepiece on a wedding or any other celebration. Centrepieces are certainly the centre of attractions and depict the effort you put on the minor details. This DIY Wedding decor Idea is so pretty and easy to make, just the big Bowdabra, some ribbons, picks, mesh, flowers and everything pretty are needed and you are good to go!

Platinum Beauty Bow Centerpiece

Platinum Beauty Bow Centerpiece

4. Stunning Head Bow

Sugar, Spice, and everything nice! Want your kids to look really cute on your friend’s wedding? Well, here is the answer. This headband with the help of a Bowdabra helps you transform an old, not so pretty headband into a very attractive one. And again, your baby girl is surely going to love this band and ask you to make more of them.

Stunning Head Bow

Stunning Head Bow

5. Eco-friendly Wedding Decor

Ever wondered of how much wastage of resources persuades in a wedding celebration? Décor, food, lighting, music etc. all this lead to not only wastage but pollution as well. Well, try out this low waste wedding table décor. All you need is a Bowdabra mini, some wire, ribbon scraps, vintage buttons and coins and you are good to go!

Eco-Friendly Wedding decor

6. Gorgeous Decorative Wedding Bow

Why buy when you can DIY? It is very easy to make a bow perfect for a wedding. You won’t even realise how quickly the pretty wedding bow of your choice is ready. Check out this super simple bow making tutorial.

7. Beautiful Wreath Bow

Any wedding is incomplete without a wreath. Try out this amazing DIY idea for a beautiful wedding wreath bow. This massive wreath bow requires a hula hoop, a lot of mesh and ribbons, some decorations and Bowdabra wire. This wedding wreath will surely draw a lot of attention. Its inexpensive but royal and rich to see.

Fun Hula Loop Wedding Décor

Fun Hula Loop Wedding Décor

8. Cool Wedding Themed Hat

A perfect hat for the bridesmaid or bride’s mother, or anyone who is standing on the bride’s side on her very important day. Again, very inexpensive and easy to make. All you need is a hat, some mesh and ribbons, some ribbon roses, Bowdabra and taadaa…You’re done!

Cool Wedding Themed Hat

Cool Wedding Themed Hat

9. Beautiful Pew Bow/Chair Bow

Decorating the wedding venue chairs is a huge task. With gatherings, huge or small, minor detailing are necessary. Big Bowdabra saves the day and you are easily able to make a beautiful chair bow. All you need is mesh, tulle, ribbons, flowers, and lots of love to make a lovely chair bow. Surely, your bow will gain much appreciation in the celebration. After all, its your personal touch that will make the difference apart from the stunning beauty of the bow.

Beautiful Pew Bow Cheer Bow

Beautiful Pew Bow/Cheer Bow

10. Pretty Napkin Holder

Details in a wedding are important. The effort in the details shows how much you care. Here is a DIY of a Napkin Holder made with the help of the Bowdabra. Decorative picks, ribbons, rhinestone ribbons, mesh, tulles, etc. of your preference, some bow wire and its done. In the end, you just tie it to your napkin. Easy, creative, and time-saving.

Pretty Napkin Holder

Pretty Napkin Holder

Your imagination can take you anywhere. You can be anyone, you can create anything with a good imagination. Especially for the people who want to save time, or are creative and love to personalise the details, we help you with everything your imagination needs.

wedding decor


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