How to Make a Large Christmas Wreath with Bowdabra

Join Kelly Klekamp-Smith from Florals in the Barn by Finklea on Bowdabra Live this week, as she takes us through the process of making a large wreath for Christmas, with streaming long tails that are so pretty. Make a similar wreath or style it as a bow this Christmas and you will have a gorgeous centerpiece ready for the season’s celebrations.

A large Christmas Wreath with long tails (Starts at 0: 28)

Materials required:

100 yard Bowdabra bow wire spool

Large Bowdabra

• Bowdabra Wand

• Lime green and white polka dotted ribbon roll

• Red and white chequered ribbon roll

• Green and red elf patterned ribbon roll, with fur edges

How To Make Christmas Wreath

How To Make a Christmas Wreath

1. Kelly folds the bow wire into half, and tucks it into and underneath the Bowdabra.

2. She cuts a long tail from the elf patterned ribbon roll and adds it to the Bowdabra.

3. She then follows it up with 3 equal loops on each side to make a large bow as the base of the wreath.

4. Kelly takes the polka dotted ribbon next to create a same sized tail and 3 equal loops that are smaller than the first set in the wreath.

5. She finds that the bows are stiff to work with and uses the Bowdabra wand to soften them into the Bowdabra.

6. She moves on to the chequered ribbon roll to create another similar bow, same sized tail with 3 loops on each side that are smaller than the previous set.

7. Kelly then goes on to pull the bow wire from one end of the Bowdabra to the other and ties the wreath up to secure it well.

8. She finishes off by fluffing out the loops in different directions to make it look like a pretty multi-colored flower.

9. She gives each set of the bow tails a little roll with her fingers to grace them with a curvature that bestows a professional finish upon the decoration.

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