How to make an amazing dollar store sugar skull wreath

Dollar store sugar skull wreath

How to make a dollar store sugar skull wreath

On a decorating budget? Did you know that you can create an amazing dollar store sugar skull wreath for very little money?  This week designer Joette Lutrick will show you the quick and easy steps.  And when I say quick and easy that is exactly what I mean.  You can have this sugar skull wreath on your door in literally minutes!!

All materials from the dollar store:

sugar skill wreath

  • Bowdabra
  • Bowdabra bow wire
  • Sugar skull
  • Spider web with spider
  • Mesh ribbon
  • Burlap ribbon
  • Tube ribbon
  • Various flowers, pumpkins, and picks
  • Zip ties to attach to the spider web

First, make a garland by running the mesh through the Bowdabra and making bows securing with Bowdabra bow wire. Alternately you can create bows separately from the various mesh colors and secure with Bowdabra bow wire to the mesh. The mesh will be the base of the garland.

Next, tie the garland around the spider web with the zip ties for stability leaving a two-space gap on the web wreath.

Now make a swag using the Bowdabra adding mesh, flowers, ribbon, tube ribbon, and pumpkins.  Add it to the area on the wreath you left open attaching with Bowdabra bow wire.

Fluff your bows and ribbons and add extra flowers to round out the wreath.  Replace the spider and hang on your door.

And while you are saving money why not recycle and re-purpose some fall florals for gifts and keepsakes?

Click here to learn more about the designer Joette Lutrick.

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