How to Make a Halloween dog Collar Buddy for Your Furry Friend

Halloween dog collar

Confession time.  I like to dress my dogs up for all the holidays! What better way than to make a personalized Halloween dog collar buddy?


My dogs are 40, 85, and 95 pounds and there are just not any size appropriate costumes or accessories available in the big box pet stores.  And with their short coats, I just can’t tie a bow on their head.

So I designed and created Halloween dog Collar Buddies with my Bowdabra!

Halloween dog collar

These are easy to make, comfortable for your dog, do not interfere with the dog collar, and can be personalized in so many ways.

Gather Your Supplies:

  • Bowdabra Mini with Measuring Tool
  • Bowdabra Bow Wire
  • 1/4″ Grosgrain Ribbon in  Multiple Halloween Colors and Prints
  • Elastic Headband (mine are adult size from the Dollar Store)
  • Buttons
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Bonus Item – Headband Hat with Veil from Dollar Store

Make it:

For this project, I am using the Fold & Twist Bow  technique for ribbon that is patterned on one side, or has a “right” & “wrong” side (Fold and Twist Bow Video)

For my dogs, I will be making  (7) of these Mini Fold & Twist Bows – but the number of bows will depend on how big your dog is – I always try to keep an “odd” number of bows for my “Collar Buddies”

Cut a piece of  Bowdabrba Bow Wire 18″, fold in half, place across your Bowdabra Mini and tuck ends under the unit to keep them out of the way while you work

Hot glue a button onto each bow.

Tie your finished bows onto stretchy headband – tie them close together to give extra volume to your bows.

Trim excess wire.

Halloween dog collar

For the bonus hat headband, hot glue a bow on it!

Slip the  Collar Buddy onto your dog, take lots of pictures and tag us on instagram and facbook!


Halloween dog collar

Halloween dog collar

Thanks for stopping by the blog today!




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