How to make gift basket with Bowdabra

Wondering how to make a gift basket? Gift baskets are a beautiful way to give someone special a gift! If you’ve never done this before, you’re about to be surprised by how easy it really can be. Watch kelly on Bowdabra Facebook Live, with one coffee/whiskey gift basket design and one bow, teaching us the process from scratch!

A beautiful coffee/whiskey gift basket design

Materials required:

  • A cute wooden basket
  • Whiskey gift bottle
  • Coffee gift packet
  • Coffee mug
  • “But Coffee First” Signboard
  • Some pretty garnishes
  • Blue shredded paper
  • Packing peanuts
  • Cellophane paper
  • Double-sided tape

1. Kelly takes some packing peanuts and pops them right into the basket.

2. Then she places the whisky bottle (heavier/taller item) at the back of the basket.

3. To create some height inside the gift basket, she takes some blue shredded paper and spread it over to fill the basket.

4. She inserts the coffee packet and coffee mug in it.

5. To give your beautiful gift basket the final touches, you can add pretty garnishes like cute origami, coffee mug, pen & paper set and designer napkins, etc.

6. She pulls some of the shreds over the sides to give it a professional look.

7. When all of the items are inside, she wraps the gift basket with cellophane paper and ties it with a ribbon.

8. Next, she tapes the loose corner ends of the cellophane paper using double-sided tape.

A gorgeous bow for the gift basket decoration

Materials required:

  • Bowdabra green bow stem
  • Large Bowdabra
  • 24” Lime green mesh
  • Sky-white printed ribbon roll
  • Green-sky chequered ribbon roll
  • Sky ribbon roll
DIY Gift Basket

DIY Gift Basket

1. Kelly folds the green bow stem and tucks it underneath the Bowdabra.
2. She places 24” lime green mesh right into the Bowdabra.

3. Next, she creates big 3 loops on each side of the Bowdabra with the sky-white printed ribbon roll.

4. This time she picks Green-sky chequered ribbon roll and creates 3 medium loops on each side of the Bowdabra.

5. She opts for a Sky ribbon roll and adds 2 loops on either side of the Bowdabra with a cute button loop in the center.

6. To secure the bow she brings the green bow stem from one side to another and puts a knot.

7. Kelly finishes off by fluffing the loops and cutting the dovetail pattern on the tail ends and attaches the gorgeous bow with the basket.

Voila! You made a beautiful gift basket!

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