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How to make a dollar store Easter Wreath with Bowdabra

Hello Crafty Friends!  It’s great to be back up on the blog today. I’m a bit under the weather, but so happy to be creating today. Today, we are making a very thrifty dollar store Easter wreath!

dollar store Easter wreath

How to Make a dollar store Easter Wreath with Bowdabra!


*all embellishments were purchased at the Dollar Store, except the lavender tulle.


1. Wrap the metal wreath frame with white fabric or batting, use hot glue to adhere the ends. Start near the bottom. When you reach the top, pause and attach a hanging loop of Bowdabra Wire. Resume wrapping until covered. Wrappings do not have to meet, there can be a gap at the bottom where you’ll be placing your Bowdabra Bow Creation.,

2. Use 8 feet of the lavender tulle, folded to double, and wrap the wreath form again, on top of the white fabric/batting. Secure with hot glue.

3. Create your Bowdabra Bow! Place your Bowdabra Wire into the Bowdabra tool. There are 5 loops on each side descending in size. Begin with larger loops and decrease as you build. Add three flower branches to each side, alternating 1 between layers of ribbon loops. Leave approximately 2″ of ribbon on the last loop to wrap about the center of the bow. Compact the layers with the Bowdabra Wand, pull the Bowdabra wire up. Place the open ends through the looped end of the wire and pull tight and upward to remove. Tie off the Bowdabra Wire in the front and then take it to the back.

Add the bow to your Easter wreath

4. Attach your Bowdabra Bow creation to the bottom of the wreath.

5. Embellish! Glue a pink plastic Easter egg to the left of your bow, glue the bunny pick into place and add a butterfly to the right of your bow.

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dollar store Easter wreath

Craft on!


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