DIY video how to make a big beautiful Easter basket

big beautiful Easter Basket

In this quick and easy DIY video Bowdabra designer, Joette will show you three different ways to make a big beautiful Easter Basket.  You will learn the pros and cons of different types of wrapping materials. And then you will learn how to make a Bowdabra Bow that completes the project. It doesn’t matter whether you fill your Easter basket with inexpensive or pricey treats. When you display them in a big beautiful Easter basket with a Bowdabra bow you achieve the maximum impact!


How to create a big beautiful Easter basket with Bowdabra

Materials Needed:
  • Glue Dots and Packing Tape
  • Cellophane
  • Ribbon
  • Bowdabra and Wire
  • Zip Tie
  • Easter Grass
  • Foam Blocks or Tissue
  • Gifts and Candy to wrap in Basket
  • Easter Basket or Bucket
big beautiful Easter Basket

First, start out by measuring the correct amount of cellophane. Then, center the basket on the sheet of cellophane so that when it’s time to wrap, it will not disturb the goodies in the basket.

Stuffing your Easter basket

Now, If you are going big as I do on wrapping, you will need to stuff the bottom of your basket with a sturdy filler. This is so that your items will sit up pretty and be easily seen. Next, cover the stuffing with Paper shreds or grass. You may also need glue dots to assist your items in staying in place until you wrap the basket.

Then, place your larger items towards the back of the basket, tapering down to the smallest in the front. Pull the short sides of the cellophane up first and then overlap them with the larger front and back pieces. (This will help close the side gaps.)

Now, pull up on all of the gathered cellophane that you should be holding onto tightly in your hand. (The key is to get the cello nice and tight before you tie it off. When the cellophane is tight, tie it off with a zip tie, twine, or ribbon.  If you are using larger items, you may still have some gaps when you tie them off. So, just close them neatly with a piece of clear packing tape. You may also need to add some packing tape to the bottom of the sides if it is still baggy after wrapping. If everything is secure and staying in place, this step is not necessary.

Make the Easter basket bow

Now it is time to make the bow and finish the presentation of your big beautiful Easter basket. I love to add an extra touch to mine and I usually poke something out of the top. If I don’t have a goodie to place there, sometimes I use a silk flower that matches. Also, it’s really cute when there is something dangling in the streamers of the bow.  I used a small toy in this one. It was hard to see the toy inside the basket, so I placed it in the bow.

Remember, presentation is everything! When you make a gift basket, you can tie a simple bow on it and call it done, but if you take that extra step or steps that I’ve suggested here, the difference will be like night and day!

big beautiful Easter Basket



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