Kids Crafts – How to Recycle a Plastic Bag into a super fun Kite

super fun kite

Kid’s craft- upcycled a plastic bag into a super fun kite

Recycle items from around your home into a day of fun outdoors! Let’s make a super fun kite! A great project for all ages and a fun way to keeps the kids and parents alike, entertained!


  • Plastic Bag
  • Craft Scissors
  • Two barbeque skewer sticks or fallen tree twigs
  • Ruler
  • Tape
  • String


With the help of mom or dad, cut the handles and bottom seam off of the plastic bag into one sheet of plastic. Then fold one corner over to the next corner . . .


super fun kite

to create a . . .

diamond shape by cutting off excess plastic.


Next, measure the length of the diamond shape of your kite and cut off the stick to match the measurement.


super fun kite

Then. tape down the ends of the stick to the plastic.

Next, lay the second stick across the first, matching the plastic corners for sizing Cut and tape down the ends wrapping excess tape under the plastic. Then tape down the center where the sticks cross. Place additional tape along the sticks to secure the sticks to the plastic and to prevent air from pulling the kite apart.

super fun kite

Tape a tail onto the bottom point of the kite using a leftover strip of plastic. Tie on strips of plastic to tail for decorative effect while flying,

Adding the string

To add string – use a pick or tip of scissors to punch holes in each corner where the sticks cross.

Then push the tip of the string down through one hole and up through another and . . .

crossing the string over the sticks and down through another hole and . . .

up again to tie the ends together, securing string to sticks and plastic, leaving a long length of string to fly kite. Make your own spool of thread by wrapping the string around a small twig or cut off a piece of stick.

super fun kite

Enjoy flying your newly created super fun kite!


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