How to Recycle Junk Mail into Plant-able Seed Bombs

Plant-able seed bombs are in season all year round. They can be made in the middle of winter and stored until planting time. Kids of all ages enjoy making the seed bombs, planting them, and giving them as gifts.Seed Bombs

Gather these supplies:

  • Junk mail and scrap paper
  • Small molds
  • Fine sieve or strainer
  • Blender
  • Water
  • Seeds

Let’s make seed bombs:

  1. Gather your molds. You want the seed bombs to be on the small side so condiment containers, ice cube trays, and muffin tins make great molds.

    Molds for Seed Bombs

    Make the slurry
  2. Tear paper scraps into small pieces—about the size of two postage stamps. Glossy papers don’t work too well, but newsprint and envelopes are great. Discard any see-through windows from envelopes. Newspaper, even if it is printed in color, produces a dull purple-grey slurry. Not the liveliest color, but remember—we’re making seed bombs; they’re going to get planted in the ground.

    Torn Paper Scraps for Seed Bombs

  3. Put enough torn paper in the blender container to fill it about one-third full. Just drop the piece in the blender—don’t try to pack them down. Add enough water to cover the paper.

    Torn Paper and Water in Blender

  4. Blend, gradually increase to a high speed. You want a thickish slurry.

    Slurry after Blending

  5. Use the strainer to scoop out a portion of the slurry.

    Scoop of Slurry in Strainer

  6. With your fingers or the back of a spoon press as much of the water out of the slurry as you can.
    Water Pressed out of Slurry
  7. Sprinkle a few seeds on your lump of pressed slurry and knead them into the pulp.

    Add Seeds to Pulp

    Press into molds
  8. Press the pulp into a mold. Let rest for a few minutes. As an alternative to molds, you can roll the pulp into a small ball about ¾” in diameter or sculpt it into shape.

    Press Seeded Pulp into Mold

  9. Unmold the seed bomb and set it aside to dry thoroughly.

    Unmolded Seed Bomb

  10. Wait for spring and plant your seed bombs!!

    Seed Bombs (Instagram)

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