How To Make a Wedding Wreath

Hello Crafty People! Today I made a wreath worth of a wedding debut. Thanks to the Bowdabra! It’s so easy to make this gorgeous wedding wreath, seasonal wreaths, swags, and much more!


  • Bowdabra! Tool and wire
  • 6″ white tulle
  • 6″ green tulle
  • 2.5″ white glitter tulle
  • 1.5″ wired silver/sheer ribbon
  • 2 lime green faux Gerbera Daisies
  • 4 clusters of faux white cherry blossoms
  • 6 stems of faux purple lilacs
  • 12″ grapevine wreath
  • white spray paint
  • other tools: scissors and wire cutters


  1. Spray paint the natural grapevine wreath white, let dry completely.
  2. Cut apart florals to create individual stems.

Build your SWAG:

  • Use a longer length of Bowdabra wire for thicker creations, like this swag. I used 3″. Fold in half, insert into the Bowdabra Tool and bend the ends underneath.
  • Make a tail and two loops on each side with white tulle.
  • Make a tail and three loops on each side with the green tulle.  *Build slightly shorter as you assemble.
  • Add florals: 1 lime green Gerbera Daisy on each side, 2 clusters of white cherry blossoms on each side and 3 stems of lilacs on each side.
  • Make a tail and three loops with the 2.5″ white tulle on each side.
  • Make a tail and 3 loops on each side with the silver 1.5″ ribbon.
  • Condense with the Bowdabra wand, pull up wires and put the double end through the looped end, pull tight!  Tie off in the back.
  • Tie the swag onto the painted wreath, tightly!
  • Trim the Bowdabra wire, VIOLA!

This was such a fun project for me! I love the expanding arm of the Bowdabra tool that allows for SO MUCH stuff to be added to my creation.

Best Wishes to all of you that are betrothed!

Craft on!


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