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How to recycle a simple water bottle into an adorable piggy bank

Hey kids!  Use a water bottle to make an adorable piggy bank.  All the easy instructions follow.

piggy bank

Materials Needed:

  • Small 8 oz Water Bottle
  • Pink & Black Paint – Acrylic or • Finger-paints
  • Pink Paper
  • Black Crayon
  • Pink Pipe Cleaner
  • Adhesive googly eyes
  • Glue or Glue Dots


Kid’s craft recycled piggy bank

Begin by gathering all the materials you will need for this project. Wash the label off of a small water bottle. Allow the water bottle to dry before working with it.

kid's craft

Next, use either acrylic paints or finger-paints to paint the water bottle piggy bank (except for the cap). If pink paint is not available; mix white and red paint.

Then, Place the water bottle on its top to let it dry.

piggy bank

Once the water bottle is dry, turn it over and paint the cap and the top neck of the bottle.

piggy bank

When everything is dry screw the cap back onto the water bottle. Use black paint or marker to design the pig snout.

piggy bank

Now, attach two googly eyes.

piggy bank

Finally, use pink paper to cut two triangles for the pig’s ears. Fold the ends of the ears over so that they can easily be glued to the top of the piggy bank bottle. Color the inside of the pig’s ears with a black crayon. Glue the ears to the bottle with either glue or glue dots.

piggy bank

Use a pink pipe cleaner to attach to the bottom of the water bottle. Glue dots work the best to adhere the pipe cleaner to the water bottle. Shape the pipe cleaner into a pig’s tail.

kids crafts

Children can display their homemade eco-friendly piggy bank in their room. Just unscrew the nose to place pennies, nickels, and dimes into the pig.

piggy bank

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