Create Easy Patriotic Dollar Store Grave Decoration With Bowdabra

It is always better to DIY, even when it’s something as special as a Patriotic grave decoration! This DIY Patriotic Memorial Decoration is a wonderful way to show your love of country and honor to family and friends. If you’ve ever wondered how to make such beautiful Patriotic Memorial Decorations as you see on the internet Sandy Sandler, the creator of Bowdabra is here to show you the process from the scratch!

Create this easy patriotic dollar store grave decoration in memory of your loved one or friend; while honoring your country with a red, white and blue! It can be outside in the weather and used year after year; or easily converted to a DIY wreath!

Patriotic grave decoration

Patriotic Dollar Store Grave Decoration (Starts at 00:00:12)

Materials required:


Memorial Day Decoration

Easy Patriotic Dollar Store Grave Decoration

Follow these steps:

  1. Sandy folds the bow wire and tucks it underneath the Bowdabra.
  2. She picks up the white, red, blue flower decorative picks to start off!
  3. Next, she places these flower decorative picks one by one right into the Bowdabra.
  4. She lays the Dollar Tree patriotic scarf in the center of the Bowdabra.
  5. After cutting off the tails, she adds the Patriotic star-spangled ribbon right into the Bowdabra.
  6. Next, she creates 6 loops with the Patriotic star-spangled ribbon on the Bowdabra.
  7. She takes the blue burlap ribbon and adds 4 loops on the Bowdabra.
  8. Then, she adds the Dollar tree flag to it.
  9. To secure the grave decoration, she brings the bow wire from one side to another and puts a slip knot.
  10. She finishes off by fluffing the ribbons and loops.

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