How to Use a Paper Plate to Make the Perfect Patriotic Wreath

With just a little bit of paint, kids can create their own patriotic paper plate wreath. They can use the paper plate wreath to decorate the door of their rooms and more!  What could be better the supplies are inexpensive and readily available.  So, let’s get started!Patriotic Paper Plate Wreath

You’ll need these supplies:Supplies for Patriotic Paper Plate Wreath

  • White paper dinner plate
  • Scissors
  • Red and blue acrylic paint
  • Embellishments (optional)

Let’s make the Patriotic Paper Plate Wreath:

  1. Cut the center out of the plate.Cut Center Out of Plate
  2. Save the cut out center. We’re going to use it in another project.Save Cut Out Center
  3. Paint the top third of the plate blue.Paint Top of Plate Blue
  4. Paint red stripes on the lower portion of the plate. Set aside until paint dries.Paint Red Stripes on Lower Portion of Plate
  5. Pierce two small holes at the top center and add a string for hanging the wreath.Add Hanger to Patriotic Paper Plate Wreath
  6. Optionally, you can embellish the wreath with a bow or add cut-out stars.Patriotic Paper Plate Wreath (Instagram)

Hey kids!  If you enjoyed making the paper plate wreath you will love all the other kid’s crafts, activities, and art each Friday at the Bowdabra blog.  

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Get the whole family involved in crafting together.  A great project is this Firecracker centerpiece.  Watch this easy video for a  step-by-step tutorial.  You will have an enjoyable time and create a beautiful addition to your holiday table.  Crafting is a fun and a great family activity!

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