How to Make Adorable Napkin Rings from Toilet Paper Rolls

There are so many uses for empty toilet paper rolls!! Using them in art and craft projects is a great way to reuse and recycle. These holiday napkin rings are one of my favorite kids’ art projects.Toilet Paper Roll Napkin Rings

For the napkin rings you’ll need:Supplies for Toilet Roll Napkin Rings

  • Empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls
  • Miscellaneous craft embellishments—ribbon, netting, tulle, chenille stems, markers, fabric scraps, cotton balls, pom poms—anything you have on hand
  • Scissors
  • Liquid glue or hot glue

These holiday napkin rings are a project that encourages creativity. Set the stage by introducing the overall project. Cut the toilet paper rolls into thirds. Make a variety of embellishments available. Maybe show a few examples, then, step out of the way and let your young artist create.

Here are the holiday napkin rings my granddaughters created along with some basic instructions.

Variety of  holiday napkin ring styles
  1. Net Napkin Ring: Use ~48″ of ribbon or tulle to wrap around the rings. Leave an 8″ tail at the beginning. Tie a bow where the beginning and end wraps meet.
    Wrap Ring with Netting Finished Net Ring
  2. Polka Dot Bow Napkin Ring: Glue ribbon to ring. Glue a separate bow to the ring.Polka Dot Bow
  3. Pom Pom Napkin Ring: Glue chenille stems along the top and bottom of rings. Glue pom poms between chenille stems around the ring.PomPom Napkin Ring
  4. Red Bow Napkin Ring: Cover ring with ribbon. Tie a bow out of crepe paper streamer, and glue to ring.Red Bow Napkin Ring
    Rudolf, Santa, and Snowman napkin rings
  5. Rudolph Napkin Ring: Twist short lengths of chenille stems to one another to form antlers. Glue to the inside of the ring. Draw eyes and nose, or glue googly eyes and rhinestone in place. Draw mouth. (Be sure to make your Rudolph smile.)Rudolph Napkin Ring
  6. Santa with a Hat Napkin Ring: Use Gnome Hat Template as a pattern for Santa’s hat. Form the hat into a cone and glue the seam. Glue a cotton ball to the peak. Next, glue the ribbon to the ring. Glue chenille stems along the bottom edge of the ring. Finally, glue pom poms, beads, or buttons for the eyes. Glue a curved chenille stem in place for the mouth. When in use, the hat sits on the top of the napkin.Santa with Hat Napkin Ring
  7. Snowman Napkin Ring: Glue shredded cotton ball to ring. Glue googly eyes in place. Tie a ribbon around the ring for a scarf.  Glue the orange nose in place—you can use anything orange—this happens to be a small piece of a feather.Snowman Napkin Ring

What holiday napkin ring designs will you create?Holiday Napkin Rings (Instagram)

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