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How to make a super quick and easy Bowdabra fall door swag

How to make a super quick and easyBowdabra fall door swag

Bowdabra fall door swag


Large Bowdabra

Bowdabra Wire

Zip Ties

Fall Flowers/Bushes, 10-15 mixed shapes & colors… Spillers, Fillers, Thrillers, and foliage. (From Dollar Tree)

Matching Ribbon (Your Choice)

Bowdabra fall door swag


This Bowdabra Fall door Swag tutorial is based on reusing a bow, but I do show how it was originally made. When I tie Bowdabra bows on gifts. I always tie them on shoe bow style, because they are always too pretty not to re-use. And the recipient of the gift with the beautiful bow may want to put it on a gift they’re giving & share the same WOW factor they got when it was given to them!

First, choose about 3 different fall color Dollar Tree bushes and get them in the foliage, thriller, filler, and spiller shapes. Next, gather up about 12-15 bushes for a nice size one or 9-10 for a smaller one. Place the foliage down first, forming a teardrop/cascading shape foundation for your Swag. Now, start adding the blooms, linear flowers in first, next add the thrillers.

Once you stack all the flowers in the Bowdabra, zip tie them really tight and remove them. You can now form a loop for hanging the door swag at this point with an excess stem if needed. Start fluffing the flowers, keeping the top half rounded and the bottom half cascading. There should be a gap between the 2 sections to tie your bow into. That’s it, you just made a professional-style Bowdabra fall door swag! I made this one in under 10 minutes in real-time!

Bowdabra fall door swag

Bowdabra's easy-to-create bow-makers are available at the Bowdabra website's online store and also at various retail establishments such as Amazon, AC Moore, Pat Catan's Stores, Jo Ann store, Michael's, and Walmart.

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