Video how to make a quick and easy fall pumpkin centerpiece

Using only 4 Hobby Lobby items, learn how to make this quick and easy centerpiece! It literally took longer to shop for the supplies than to make this. This fall pumpkin centerpiece can be customized in a variety of sizes and colors, which makes it very versatile.

Whether you’re a pro at floral design or a beginner wanting to design like a pro, this is a no-fail, easy, quick, and trending forward seasonal design to create!

(Note: The mechanics you use/learn in this project can be applied to many more future projects!)

Fall pumpkin Centerpiece video DIY

fall pumpkin centerpiece

1  Foam Pumpkin (Your choice of size.)
1 Fall (smaller blooms) Floral Bush
Hot Glue
Zip Tie
fall pumpkin centerpiece
First, simply cut the stem off the foam pumpkin. Then,  load the Bowdabra with a  zip tie.  Now, start laying your 4 (or more if you choose) floral spray stems and bush in the Bowdabra.
Part the floral spray stems and split the bottom part to help hide my mechanics and to prevent the arrangement from being tight. The result will allow it will fluff out beautifully.
Next, place the first parted spray on its side, then add the bush. (almost 1/4 the way up into the flowers of the bush.) Now, repeat the same method with the second parted spray facing the opposite direction.
Fluff and arrange your pumpkin centerpiece
Just like a bow, fluffing is the key! Shape your centerpiece by pulling the tight stems apart towards you. Then, separate the flowers. I rotate my arrangements as I fuff. You may need to twist some stems a little bit to manipulate them to stay in the place where you want them.  If any foliage is upside down, twist them to make the right side face up. I fluffed this one straight out of the Bowdabra but stopped to finish this process once I got it anchored into the pumpkin and got the moss placed around the base of the stems.
If you make this, we’d love to see yours! You can always share your Bowdabra creations on FaceBook in the Bowdabra Fan Gallery.  Likewise, go into the gallery and check out other crafter’s projects as well!
Happy Fall Y’all!!
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