How to Make the Perfect Illuminated Autumn Centerpiece Wreath

This illuminated autumn centerpiece can do double duty. Without the center vase, it’s a wreath. Add the illuminated vase, and it’s a stunning centerpiece.  Simple changes, big payback with an illuminated autumn centerpiece wreath!Autumn Centerpiece Wreath

Gather these supplies:Supplies for Centerpiece Wreath

  • 9″ willow garden wreath*
  • 1 clear glass vase*
  • 15′ web tubing*
  • 1 string battery operated twinkle lights*
  • Two 1 yard lengths fall patterned 6″ tulle ribbon* (I used 1 yard each of two different patterns.)
  • Two 48″ lengths 1½” patterned wired ribbon
  • 18″ length Bowdabra bow wire
  • Bowdabra Bow Making & Design Tool

*I found all these supplies at the dollar store :)

Let’s make the Autumn Centerpiece Wreath:

  1. First, fill the vase with the web tubing and the string of twinkle lights. Set this aside for now.Fill Vase with Web Tubing and Lights
  2. Now, we’ll make the bow. Fold the 18″ length of bow wire in half and place it in the Bowdabra. You can tuck the wire ends under the Bowdabra so they are out of the way.Wire in Bowdabra Gold
  3. Next, lay the lengths of tulle on top of one another, and scrunch them into the Bowdabra.Scrunch Tulle into Bowdabra
  4. Make a fold bow on top of the tulle with one of the wired ribbon lengths.Fold Bow with Wired Ribbon
  5. Compress the tulle and ribbon with the Bowdabra wand.Compress Ribbon and Tulle with Wand
  6. With the tulle and ribbon still in the Bowdabra, pass the ends of the bow wire through the loop, and tighten. Tie a secure knot on the back of the bow, leaving the wire ends long.Pass Wire Ends through Loop
  7. Fluff the bow and arrange individual loops of the bow.Fluff Bow
  8. Wrap the wreath with the remaining length of wired ribbon.Wrap Wreath with Wired Ribbon
  9. Tie the bow to the wreath with the ends of the bow wire. Conceal or trim the wire ends.Add Bow to Wreath
  10. Place the illuminated vase in the center of the wreath.Autumn Centerpiece Wreath (Instagram)
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