How to make a sweet little reindeer candy holder party favor

Kids with a little help from mom or Dad can make these little reindeer candy holder party favors quickly and easily.  With just a few supplies (some of them recycled) they are created quickly.  Make one or a few for gifts.

reindeer party favor

Reindeer part favor


Mini clothespins (2) 2”

Paper cardboard tube from an aluminum foil or paper towel roll cut to 2 ½” long

A thin strip of cork

Mini cork

Colored paper clip

Sheer white fabric bag (sold in multiples at craft stores)

Brown and black paint

Small paintbrush

Glue gun and glue sticks

Small wiggle eyes

One small red pom-pm

Candy for filling

Scissors, wire cutters, Needle nosed pliers

X-acto for cutting paper towel roll

Bowdabra mini Bowmaker

Bowdabra bow wire




First, cut your paper towel roll to the correct length.

Next, take apart the mini clothespins, and glue them onto the prepared paper towel roll piece so that it stands up.

reindeer party favor

Then, cut a piece of thin cork in an ear shape and glue it to the back of the head. (The thicker end) Now, glue the cork on the top of the paper roll with the shorter end facing out.

Cut the paper clip in half and twist each piece into a pleasing antler shape. Use a nail or pin to make a pilot hole in the top of the head and attach each antler with a little glue.

reindeer party favor

Paint the entire reindeer with brown paint.  Paint the tips of each leg black for hoofs.  Let dry.

Fill the sheer fabric bag with candy or small treats and insert it into the reindeer’s body.  Let the tied end resemble a white tail.

Make a bow using the mini bowdabra and glue under the chin of the reindeer.

To finish, glue on two eyes, a red pompom for a nose and a small bow under the chin.  Your reindeer candy holder party favor is ready to bring smiles and sweetness to your guests.

reindeer party favor

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