How to make a scary bridal veil fascinator for a fun Halloween costume

It’s almost Halloween and if you are looking for a unique costume idea why not a scary bride. Add this scary bridal veil fascinator for the final touch.  This video DIY by Bowdabra designer, Joette, shows you the easy steps!

Make a scary bridal veil fascinator

scary bridal veil fascinator

Headband mini fascinator

1-4 yards (or more) of Tulle from a fabric bolt

Strips of cheesecloth

strips of drop cloth

1 Dollar Tree Halloween floral bush

1 Black Dahlia hair clip from Dollar Tree

2ft of 6″ black Dollar Tree glitter tulle

Hot Glue


Bowdabra Wire

scary bridal veil fascinator


To make your bridal veil, first, fold the large tulle (from the fabric bolt) in half and add one end at a time into the Bowdabra, ‘Scrunchy Style’. There are no loops for this first step.

Next, add a couple of loops of the black 6″ glitter tulle, then add some of the cheesecloth strips into the Bowdabra as streamers/tails to your veil.

Then, use a couple of drop cloth strips and make a few loops and streamers to your veil.

Now, back to the cheesecloth… Build the rest of the bow with cheesecloth strips, making floppy loops as you go. Finish it with a few more streamers/tails.

Finally, add the Dollar Tree flowers into the bow and tie it tightly. Fluff your bow and trim where/if necessary. Add the clip-on Dahlia as the centerpiece to the bow at this time. Tie the bow around the fascinator and hot glue it too.

Use a strip of the drop cloth for a hatband and to hide the Bowdabra wire. That’s it! Try it on and make necessary adjustments. You may need to fluff, trim, or hot glue a little bit more to manipulate the shape and to customize the fit.



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