How to Make the Perfect Holiday Door Hanger Under $5

Kids will love being part of the decorating festivities when they make this holiday door hanger. This jingle bell door hanger makes a great gift—and you can make it for under $5!!

Holiday Door Hanger

Here are the supplies you’ll need for your door hanger:

Supplies for Holiday Door Hanger

  • 1 wide-mouth Mason jar ring
  • 1 package of extra large jingle bells (I found these at the dollar store.)
  • One 3 yard reel of  5/8″ printed satin ribbon (Scored at the dollar store again :) )
  • Double-sided tape

Let’s make the Holiday Door Hanger:

  1. Cut the ribbon into one 40″ length and three 15″ lengths. Quickly pass the ends of the ribbon through a flame to seal them. (Have an adult help with the flame, or you can use clear nail polish to seal the ribbon)
  2. Wrap the jar ring with the 40″ length of ribbon. Anchor the beginning with a piece of double-sided tape.Wrap Ring with Ribbon
  3. Stop wrapping when about 1½” to 2″ of ribbon remains. Set aside. If necessary, you can anchor the ribbon tail with a piece of tape to keep it in place.Stop Wrapping When 2 Inches of Ribbon Remain
  4. Tie a bell to each end of the three 15″ lengths of ribbon.Tie Bell to Each End of 15 Inch Ribbon Length
  5. Add a small piece of double-sided tape to the center of the wrong side of two of the 15″ lengths.Add Double Sided Tape to Center of Two Ribbons
  6. Expose the adhesive, and stack the ribbons, one on top of another.Expose Adhesive and Stack the Ribbons
  7. Position a glue dot or double-sided tape on the jar ring where you stopped wrapping.Position Glue Dot
  8. Glue the stack of 15″ lengths with the bells on the glue dot or tape.
  9. Wrap the tail of the 40″ length of ribbon around the bundle and secure it on the inside of the ring with double-sided tape.
  10. Hang and enjoy!!Holiday Door Hanger (Instagram)

If you enjoyed making this adorable holiday door hanger please come back and visit Bowdabra blog each Friday for another kids art project or craft!

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