How to Make the Perfect Greeting Card Display Holder Under $5

Part of the fun holiday buzz is receiving greeting cards in the mail. Kids can make this greeting card display holder for under $5!! Perfect for using at home or gift-giving.Greeting Card Display Holder

You’ll need these three things:

  • A string of battery-operated lights (I found these at the dollar store.)
  • Several 8″ to 10″ lengths of twine
  • Paperclips

Let’s make the Greeting Card Display Holder:

  1. Cut several lengths of twine between 8″ and 10″ long. You want to vary the length to add visual interest when the cards are hung.Cut Twine
  2. Tie a paperclip to one end of each length of twine.Tie Paper Clip to Each Twine
  3. Tie a length of twine between each bulb. (Hint: You can add more lengths of twine if desired. You can also tie a second length of twine to the paperclip for displaying multiple cards.)Tie Twine Between Each Bulb
  4. Enjoy!!Greeting Card Display Holder (Instagram)

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