How to upcycle a greeting card to create a keepsake with Bowdabra

Bowdabra designer, Joette is here today to show you how easy it is to upcycle a greeting card to make a beautiful keepsake.  Birthday, Christmas, and other greeting cards are so very beautiful. Don’t just tuck them away or toss them in a box, make them into something you can enjoy forever!  Follow this easy DIY video and put a personal spin on it.

upcycle a greeting card

How to upcycle a greeting card


1-Shadow Bow Frame  (Size of choice)

1-? Old Greeting Cards

Hot Glue

1-2 Different colors of either Pixie, Corsage, or No. 3 size Ribbons (1/4″-1/2″ width)

Sheet of Paper the same size as the frame

1 Bling Bead or Tiny Flower Bloom (For the center of the bow)

Mini Bowdabra

Bowdabra Wire

upcycle a greeting card


Use the paper the same size as the frame. Layout your greeting cards to design your pattern. It can be collage style, create scenery, placard/sign style, floral arrangement, etc… Once you decide on how you want your keepsake to look, start cutting the cards out and then put them in place.

When you’re happy with your design, glue everything down. If you have any open spaces, add some silk foliage or any other appropriate if items needed. If you have any excess materials overhanging, trim if off at this time.

Make the Bow

Use the Mini Bowdabra to make a small bow. You can scale to the size of the frame placement for the bow. When the bow is complete, hot glue bling or tiny flower into the center, covering the Bowdabra Wire. (Using a bow to accent your design will help enhance the 3D effect that you’re trying to create by using a shadow box.) You can also elevate some of the cutouts by putting extra hot glue behind them to create a raised look. Place your design into the frame and enjoy your greeting card special keepsake!






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