How to make a Deco Mesh Flower Wreath from a Dollar Tree Bicycle Spoke wreath form

What are y’all making with the Dollar Tree Bicycle Spoke Wreath Form? I was experimenting with it last night & ended up with this large Flower Wreath!

Don’t mind my choice of colors, this was the only deco mesh I had on hand to play with. I made a leaf for all 12 spokes, then I filled my large Bowdabra full of deco mesh into a big scrunchy poof/bloom. When I discovered that wasn’t enough flower puff to fill in this large wreath form, I added 4 more poofs at 1.5 yards each to fill in the gaps. This wreath ended up measuring 30″! Overall, I am very happy with how this floral experiment turned out. I can’t wait to make this wreath in some other colors… I’m thinking my next one will be red, for Christmas!

flower wreath

How to make a gorgeous flower wreath from Dollar store supplies

Part 1:
The materials for part 1:
  • 2 different colors of deco mesh
  • Spoke Wreath form from Dollar Tree
  • Zip ties
  • Large Bowdabra
  • Optional: Clear, brown, or black spray paint in case the flower center needs a touch-up as mine did.
  • Recycled center from a large sunflower
  • (Something to attach a zip tie or wire to the flower center. I used cut-off floral push pins & hot glue.)
Materials for Part 2:

flower wreath

The wreath can be left plain or dressed up. After you make the flower wreath, then, dress it up for the season you are currently celebrating.
Although the main video is generic, his wreath is an example of how you can transform the wreath into a Winter/Christmas version.  In addition, you can make similar ones for Fall. Don’t stop there, however, and dress one up for spring as well!
Attaching the elements
It is interesting to note that I didn’t need to use any hot glue for this second step. Zip ties or simply twisting the wreath branches around the picks that are added in between the leaves/petals and bow is sufficient and secure.
If you use the branches to tie in your bow, it will be easy to switch them out for another season. In conclusion, I suggest a red/white bow through Christmas and the blue/white from Winter to Spring.
Hope someone finds this tutorial helpful, happy crafting!



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