How to Recycle a Cereal Box for Holiday Gift Giving

Help the environment this holiday season by recycling and repurposing cereal boxes into handmade gift boxes. It’s so easy to do!! All sorts of kitchen cardboard containers can be reused as gift boxes—almost anything that comes in a box— crackers, cereal, tea bags, oatmeal, rice.Cereal Box to Gift Box

You’ll need just a few supplies:

  • Empty cereal (or other) boxes
  • Stamp pad
  • Rubber stamp
  • Crayons or markers
  • Double sided tape

Here’s how to turn a cereal box into a gift box:

  1. Carefully open the box along glued seams.
  2. Lay the box flat on your work surface with the inside up. Use crayons and markers to draw on the box or use a rubber stamp to add images.Stamp Design on Inside
  3. Reassemble the box inside out using double sided tape so your artwork is displayed.Reassemble Cereal Box Inside Out
  4. Use twine or cloth ribbon to embellish your handmade gift box.Cereal Box to Gift Box (Instagram)

We hope you loved this upcycled DIY cereal box gift box and will join us again for another fun craft.

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