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How to Make a No Glue Paper Holiday Gift Bag

For environmentally safe holiday gift giving consider making  your own holiday gift bags without using glue or tape. Most glues are not recyclable because of plastics that are added to them. Likewise, tapes also contain plastic, which is not recyclable. This recyclable, no glue holiday gift bag can be resized depending upon the square of paper that you begin with.No Glue Holiday Gift Bag

You’ll need these supplies:

  • Square sheet of paper (I’m using 12″x12″ scrapbook paper for this tutorial)
  • Two lengths of twine 8″ to 10″
  • Bone folder (nice, but not absolutely necessary)

Follow these instructions to make the holiday gift bag:

  1. Fold the paper in half diagonally.Step 1 Holiday Gift Bag
  2. Turn the paper and fold diagonally in the opposite direction. Your folds will look like this.Step 2 Holiday Gift Bag
  3. Now, fold the top point to the center.Step 3 Holiday Gift Bag
  4. Repeat, folding the bottom point to the center.Step 4 Holiday Gift Bag
  5. Bring the bottom point to the line you just created in Step 3.Step 5 Holiday Gift Bag
  6. Repeat, folding the top point down.Step 6 Holiday Gift Bag
  7. Open the paper flat, and orient the fold lines as shown below.Step 7 Holiday Gift Bag
  8. Fold the paper in half diagonally.Step 8 Holiday Gift Bag
  9. Turn up a ¾” cuff along the bottom fold.Step 9 Holiday Gift Bag
  10. Fold the right-hand point along the fold line to the right of the center fold.Step 10 Holiday Gift Bag
  11. Repeat with the left hand point.Step 11 Holiday Gift Bag
  12. Unfold the paper, and orient the fold lines as shown below.Step 12 Holiday Gift Bag
  13. Fold the right-hand point to the line to the right of the center fold.Step 13 Holiday Gift Bag
  14. Repeat on the left side.Step 14 Holiday Gift Bag
  15. Fold the paper on the lines marked in red so the pattern side is together.Step 15 Holiday Gift Bag
  16. Bring these folds to the center.Step 16 Holiday Gift Bag
  17. Fold the top flap down.Step 17 Holiday Gift Bag
  18. Repeat Steps 15 through 17 on the bottom half of the bag.

Congratulations!! Your gift bag is now complete. You can use a paper clip or binder to close it. Or, punch two holes on each side and add twine or cloth ribbon handles.

Keep in mind when selecting your supplies that coated and glittered papers aren’t recyclable. Brown craft paper works well and can be cut to any size you need. Cardstock can be problematic, as the folds become thick and difficult to manipulate. Some ribbons aren’t recyclable, either—look for 100% polyester cloth ribbons.

No Glue Holiday Gift Bag (Instagram)

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