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How to make a super easy Mardi Gras swag with Bowdabra

Tuesday, March 1 is Mardi Gras and if you are planning an event this elegant Mardi Gras Door Swag will be the perfect decor element.  Watch this quick Video as Bowdabra designer, Joette shows you the simple steps!

Mardi Gras Swag


  • 4 yards of 10″ Mardi Gras colored Deco Mesh
  • 4 yards of Gold 2″ wide wired ribbon
  • 3-6 Mardi Gras beads (Purple, green & gold.)
  • 1 Dollar Tree Boa (Purple, green & gold mix.)
  • 3-4 long  & 5-6 short Sparkly & Liniar Christmas greens
  • 3 Different, but matching  Dollar Tree Mardi Gras mask
  • 8-10 Zip ties
  • Large Bowdabra
  • Optional… Additional Mardi Gras colored long feathers for the top of the swag

Mardi Gras Swag


First, place a zip tie into the Large Bowdabra. Start with the 10″ mesh for the base bow to create the size of your swag.

Next, add the shorter sparkly greens in the top and the longer sparkly greens for the cascade and bow tails.

Next, add the boa and beads. Now,  make the 2″ wide gold bow. When everything has been added in the Bowdabra that you want in your Mardi Gras swag other than the mask, zip tie it up real tight and remove the swag.

Then, find an area above the bow and 2 areas below in the cascade of tails and zip tie the mask in place. Fluff, shape, and straighten the swag.

You can twist 2 of the sparkly greens together in the back if you need a hanger or bend/loop one of the bottom stems that will come up on the top side over the swag for a hook. Another option for a hanger is to bobby pin a wire and lay it in the top end of the swag on top of the zip tie before you add the mesh.

Once you’ve zip-tied the swag, shape the wire into a hook.



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