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How to Make the Perfect St. Patrick’s Pot of Gold Twirler

Catch St. Patrick’s coins and shamrocks in this pot of gold twirler. This project is perfect for older preschoolers and kindergarten artists.Pot of Gold Twirler

Gather these supplies for the Pot of Gold Twirler:Supplies for Pot of Gold Twirler

Here’s how to make the twirler:

  1. Color rainbow stripes on the paper plate.Color Rainbow Stripes on Paper Plate
  2. Cut a spiral around the paper plate. The narrower the width of the spiral, the longer the twirler will be.Cut Spiral Around Paper Plate
  3. Your twirler will look like this.Twirler Spirals
  4. At the end of the spiral in the center of the plate, pierce a hole and attach the twine or yarn for hanging.Pierce Hole for Hanging Thread
  5. Print and cut out the twirler cut outs template.
  6. Glue or tape the pot to the beginning of the spiral. You could also add a coin, and decorate the pot with a shamrock.Glue Pot at End of Spiral
  7. Add additional coins and shamrocks along the spiral with glue or double-sided tape. Glue Coins and Shamrocks on Spiral
  8. Hang your twirler and hope to catch some leprechaun gold.Pot of Gold Twirler (Instagram)

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