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How to Recycle a Food Container into an Adorable Easter Snow Globe

Who isn’t fascinated with a snow globe? You can make this adorable Easter Snow Globe from a recycled food container. But, we’re going to use different shakers for the “snow.”Easter Snow Globes

Here are the supplies that you’ll need:

  • Clean, used food container—I used pudding and yogurt containers, but any clear container will work; look for single serve containers. (Hint: if there is any writing on the container, it generally comes off with nail polish remover.)
  • Cardstock
  • White glue
  • Scissors
  • Shakers—confetti, sequins, seed beads, etc.
  • Patterns for Easter Snow Globe inserts

Let’s make you Easter Snow Globe:

  1. Trace the top of your container on cardstock.Trace Top of Container on Cardstock
  2. Cut out the traced shape.Cut Out Traced Shape
  3. Print the Patterns for Easter Snow Globe inserts. There are several options for you to choose. Some are pre-printed, but there are also blanks that you can decorate yourself.Easter Snow Globe Templates Small
  4.  Cut out two matching inserts. Cut Out Shaker Insert
  5. Depending upon the inserts that you chose, draw facial features on both inserts.Draw Facial Features on Bunnies
  6. Glue the bodies together, put do NOT glue the bottom tabs.Glue Bodies Together
  7. Fold the tabs outward.Fold Tabs to Outside
  8. Add a dot of glue to the bottom of each tab and glue the insert to the center of the cardstock top you cut out in Step 2.Glue Insert to Center of Top
  9. Add your shakers to the food container. Seed beads, microbeads, and sequins all make good shakers. You can make your own confetti by cutting tiny pieces of colored paper or using a hole punch to create confetti.Add Shakers to Container
  10. Add a bead of glue along the top rim of the container.Add Bead of Glue to Top Rim of Container
  11. Glue the cardstock top on the container. Resist the temptation to turn the container over or shake it. If you do, your shaker material may stick to the glue holding the top in place. Set the snow globe aside to dry.Glue Cardstock Cut Out to Container to Complete Easter Snow Globe
  12. Now that your Easter snow globe is dry, you can shake it, shake it, shake it.Easter Snow Globe (Instagram)
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