How to Make a Mother’s Day Fragrant Sachet Gift from Used Dryer Sheets

A fragrant sachet makes a wonderful Mother’s Day gift. Scatter these sachets among lingerie and linens to scent the items. Hang them in closets to ward off musty odors. Place them in luggage to keep suitcases smelling fresh.

Sachets date back to the 1400s when garments—and people—were not frequently washed. Sachets perfumed the person, masking unwanted body odors.

These Mother’s Day fragrant sachet gifts are an easy do-it-yourself project made from used dryer sheets.Mother's Day Fragrant Sachet

Here are the supplies that you’ll need:

  • Used dryer sheets
  • Crayons, permanent markers, or food coloring
  • 10″ to 12″ narrow ribbon, twine, or yarn for each sachet
  • 6 inch circle template
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle or other large needle
  • Cotton balls
  • Fragrance

Let’s make a Fragrant Sachet:

  1. Color your dryer sheets. You could leave them white, but there are several ways to color them.
    1. You can color them with crayons.Color Dryer Sheet with Crayons
    2. Optionally you can use permanent markers to draw designs.Color Dryer Sheet with Markers
    3. You can dye them with food coloring. Just add a few drops of food coloring to water, and soak the dryer sheets for a few minutes. Lay flat on old towels or rags to dry.Color Dryer Sheet with Food Coloring
  2. Print the circle template and trace it onto a dryer sheet.Trace 6 in Circle onto Dryer Sheet
  3. Cut out the traced circle.Cut Out Traced Circle
  4. Fold the circle into sixteenths. Fold in half, then in quarters, then eighths, and finally into sixteenths. That’s four folds.Fold Circle into Sixteenths
  5. Pierce a hold through all the layers about ½” from the edge. You can use the tip of very pointy scissors, a very large, sharp needle, an awl, or a paper punch—even a sharp nail.Pierce Hold through All Layers
  6. Lace narrow ribbon or twine through the holes.Lace Narrow Ribbon through Holes
  7. Gently gather the sachet, leaving room for filling.Empty Sachet
  8. Add fragrance to the cotton balls. For fragrance you can use 3 or 4 drops of essential oils, cologne, or perfume. Other options for sachets include cinnamon sticks and cloves which yield a lovely scent. Herbs such as chamomile and lavender are relaxing and help promote sleep. Wormwood, lavender, and tansy sachets are great in closets as they help to repel insects.Add 3 to 4 Drops Fragrance on Cotton Balls
  9. Stuff the cotton balls into the sachet, and draw the ribbon/twine lace tight to seal. Tie a bow to close the sachet.Stuff Scented Cotton Balls into Sachet and Tie Closed
  10. Now you have a lovely Mother’s Day Fragrant Sachet Gift.Mother's Day Fragrant Sachet (Instagram)
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