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How to transform your front door with a pretty summer floral bow swag

Celebrate summer in style with a pretty floral bow door swag! It’s quick and easy to make, especially with the Bowdabra! You can get it made and hanging on your door in no time! This beautiful door swag features a pretty bouquet of summer florals of dahlias, spiky purple flowers and creamy white blossoms over a pre-made eucalyptus leaves hanging stem and is a lovely way to welcome the summer season!

Let’s begin by gathering the following:


First, fold a 36″ piece of Bowdabra wire in half and lay in the Bowdabra, You’ll have a loop at one end and two loose pieces at the opposite end. Tuck ends under.

The floral bow swag will be hanging vertically on the door. Since I’m using a pre-made greenery stem with its own hanger, I’m going to assemble the greenery and florals first in the Bowdabra starting with the eucalyptus stems – placing them down into the Bowdabra with the shorter stems up and the longer stems down. Gently spread the stems out.

Assemble the florals


Next, add the dahlias as the focal points with one stem placed up and two of the dahlias stems placed down into the Bowdabra.

Then stagger the spiky purple florals throughout – placing different lengths of stems down into the Bowdabra with shorter branches on top and larger stems hanging down adding a few facing up and the rest face down in the Bowdabra. Gently spread the spiky floral stems out.

Once satisfied with the look, begin tying off the florals with a slip knot by taking the loose ends of the bow wire through the wire loop, pulling tight while gently pulling the floral stems out. Separate the wires around to the back, tying in a double knot.

To make the bow:

Cut a 20″ strip of 2.5″ ribbon for the tails creasing the middle and placing it down into the Bowdabra. Then crease the end of the ribbon on the roll, and place it in the Bowdabra.

Since the design is on one side of this ribbon, fold a 5″ loop, creasing, and twist the center of the ribbon down into the Bowdabra.

Take the ribbon on the opposite side and fold another 5″ loop, creasing and twisting the center down into the Bowdabra.

Continue making two more loops on either side. Folding and creasing the center and twisting the ribbon down into the Bowdabra. Cutting off the excess ribbon.

Next, crease the end of the 1.5″wired ribbon and place it down into the Bowdabra.

This ribbon has the same design on both sides so continue making three more loops creasing the centers and placing them down into the Bowdabra! To add a set of tails for this ribbon pattern, make a 9″ loop on one side instead of the regular length.

Make a button loop to cover the bow wire, cutting off the excess ribbon.

Scrunch down the bow loops with the Bowdabra Wand.

Finishing your bow

While the bow is still in the Bowdabra, thread the loose ends of the bow wire through the loop and pull tight while gently pulling the bow out. Then, take the wire around to the back of the bow and tie in a double or triple knot to secure. Leave the bow wire ends intact to wrap around the floral stems.

Take the longer loop and cut it in half creating tails.

Dovetail the ribbon ends by folding the end ribbon together. Then, cut at the fold on an angle down to the opposite ribbon edge. Fluff and straighten the loops and tails on the bow.

Use the bow wire to attach the bow to the floral stems for a beautiful summer floral bow door swag!

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