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How to Make the Perfect BOO Popup Halloween Greeting Card

This BOO popup Halloween greeting card is sure to be a hit!! It’s an easy popup card to make, so your young artist will really get a sense of accomplishment when completing it. From three sheets of paper you’ll get two Halloween greeting cards.Halloween Popup BOO Card

Gather these supplies:Supllies for BOO Popup Card

  • One 8½”x11″ sheet solid colored cardstock
  • One 8½”x11″ sheet orange cardstock
  • One sheet Halloween patterned paper (this doesn’t need to be cardstock)
  • Double-sided tape
  • BOO template

Follow this tutorial to make your BOO Popup Halloween greeting Card:

  1. Begin by cutting the solid colored cardstock and Halloween patterned paper to size. Cut the cardstock in half to make two pieces 8½”x5½”. Cut the patterned paper into 3¼”x5″ pieces.Cut Cardstock and Pattern Paper to Size
  2. Fold the cardstock to form 4¼”x5½” cards.Fold Cardstock in Half to Form Card
  3. Adhere double-sided tape tape to the back of the patterned paper. Center is on the front of the card, leaving narrow margins on all sides.Adhere Patterned Paper to Front Side of Card
  4. Print the BOO template on the orange cardstock, and cut it out. The score lines indicate folds, so don’t cut them!!
  5. Fold the BOO in half along the vertical score line with the right side of the letters to the inside of the fold.Fold BOO in Half along Vertical Score Line
  6. Fold the tabs to the back of the BOO letters.Fold Tabs to Back Side of BOO
  7. Put double-sided tape on the tabs.Put Double Sided Tape on Tabs
  8. Expose the adhesive on the tab under the O. Position the the popup BOO on the inside right of the card as shown in the photo. Position the folded corner of BOO at the fold line of the card about 2″ from the top of the card and at about a 45° angle.Position BOO Inside Card
  9. Expose the adhesive on the second tab, and close the card to adhere the BOO to the inside left of the card.Expose Adhesive on Top Tab
  10. Enjoy sending your BOO popup cards to friends.Popup BOO Card (Instagram)
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