How to Use Dollar Store Finds to Make the Perfect Autumn Home Décor Bow

Well, it used to be the “dollar” store, but in my area, it’s now the $1.25 store. But, there are still bargains to be had. With these three finds, you can create the perfect autumn bow.Autumn Bow from Dollar Store Finds

Here are the supplies that you’ll need to create this autumn bow:Supplies for Autumn Bow

*look for this at a dollar store

Let’s make the autumn bow:

  1. Fold the 20″ bow wire in half and put it in the Bowdabra. Tuck the ends of the wire under the Bowdabra to keep them out of the way.Wire in Bowdabra Gold
  2. Make a fold bow with a 7′ length of mesh ribbon.Make Fold Bow with Decorated Mesh Ribbon
  3. Next, scrunch the tulle into the Bowdabra. Remove individual leaves from the garland and layer in the Bowdabra on top of the mesh ribbon and tulle.Add Layers of Scrunched Tulle and Leaves
  4. Compress the ribbon, tulle, and leaves with the Bowdabra wand.Compress Ribbon and Leaves with Wand
  5. With the ribbon, tulle, and leaves still in the Bowdabra, pass the wire ends through the loop, and tighten. Bring the wires to the back side of the bow and tie a knot. Leave the wire ends long for now.Pass Wire Ends through Loop
  6. Arrange each loop of the mesh ribbon and fluff the tulle.Fluff Bow
  7. Using hot glue or glue dots, randomly add leaves to the lantern.Glue Leaves to Lantern
  8. Use the wire ends to tie the bow to the base of the lantern.

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