Video DIY how to beautifully embellish a dollar store pumpkin

Bowdabra designer and pro floral designer shows you how to beautifully embellish a dollar store pumpkin quickly and easily!  So let’s get started!

dollar store pumpkin

How to embellish a Dollar store pumpkin


Orange Foam Dollar Tree pumpkin
2 Rolls of Dollar Tree Burlap Ribbon
6-9 Mix of Fall Leaves stems/picks, greenery & berries
1 – Larger Sunflower head
1 – Dollar Tree bush of small blooms
2-3 yrds of Jute String
1- 8” strip of 6-8” wide matching deco mesh
Floral Greening pins or hot glue
Large Bowdabra
Bowdabra Bow Wire or zip ties
Optional: Spray paint

dollar store pumpkin


First, cut off 5 x 18” strips of the burlap ribbon to wrap around the pumpkin. Save the leftover for the bow.

Next, remove the pumpkin stems and puncture a small hole in the tops of the styrofoam pumpkin for stuffing the burlap ribbon into.

Now, take the 18” strips of burlap and tuck a piece into the hole in the top of the pumpkin. Bring the other end around the pumpkin and tuck it from the opposite side. Repeat this process until the pumpkin is completely covered with ribbon.

Make the bow

Using the Bowdabra, load it with Bowdabra Bow Wire or a zip tie. Next, add the deco mesh in first. Be sure to roll the frayed edges under. Start adding the foliage, berries and small flowers.

Now, add your large sunflower and build the bow with the leftover burlap ribbon and some judge string.


Tie it up nice and tight, flush and shape. You can hot glue the bow bundle to the top of the pumpkin or floral pin it down. Fluff & shape one more time and that’s it, so easy!

dollar store pumpkin

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