Vido DIY how to make a stunning pumpkin wreath centerpiece with Bowdabra

Bowdabra designer Joette is here to show you how you can easily create this gorgeous Pumpkin wreath centerpiece in minutes! You can make this adorable pumpkin wreath with limited supplies from the dollar store so it is thrifty as well as beautiful!  So let’s get started!

pumpkin wreath centerpiece

This pumpkin caged centerpiece will be the talk of your dinner! Especially if you reveal your secrets… You made it yourself & it’s mostly Dollar Tree items! This project is a little time-consuming, but super easy to create. Covering the pumpkins may take a little extra time, but the end results are so worth it!
2 – Dollar Tree Wire Wreath Forms
8 – Pkgs of Dollar Tree styrofoam pumpkins-Decorative Filler
1 – Dollar Tree Fern Bush
Miscellaneous loose fall flowers, berries, pumpkins, gourds, foliage, moss, etc…
Dollar Tree 10”x6” sign
1 Dollar Tree Styrofoam disc
1 – Pkg of Dollar Tree Jute Tubing
80” of 2.5” Wide Black wired net ribbon. (20” is for tails)
60” of 1.5” Wide Natural/Jute Ribbon
Zip Ties
Hot Glue
Dollar Tree B/W Buffalo Plaid Fabric Pumpkin
2 – Fairy/Twinkle lights (From Amazon)
pumpkin wreath centerpiece
First, use the jute to cover the wire on the pumpkin.  Next, slice the pumpkins and using some glue attach them to the opposite wires of the wreath form. Attach both wreath forms together with zip ties at the stem section.
Create a stand using a styrofoam disc covered with sheet moss. Attach the pumpkin to the stand.
Make the bow
Place a zip tie in the Bowdabra.  Then, add 20 tails of wired ribbon of your choice in the Bowdabra.  Add more ribbon and make loops back and forth to make a bow.
Next, add another length of 1-inch wide plaid wired ribbon.  Make loops back and forth as you did before to make another bow.  Then, add the jute ribbon twisting and folding to make loops until you reach the end of the ribbon. Give everything a good scrunch with the Bowdabra wand.
Now start adding the swag

Add the fern pieces balanced on both sides.  Now, lay in leaves, flowers, etc. Add florals back and forth evenly. Now, give everything a good scrunch and use the zip tie to hold everything together.  Fluff and shape everything. Place the swag inside the bars of the pumpkin.

Add the lights to the pumpkin if desired.

Fold a piece of Bowabra bow wire in half and place it in the Bowdabra. Using the plaid ribbon begin folding and twisting to make a loopy bow. Add some picks and then insert the loose wires through the loop and pull tight for a slip knot.  Attach the bow to the top with the excess wire and then make another bow in the same way and add to the opposite side of the top of your pumpkin wreath centerpiece.

pumpkin wreath centerpiece

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