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How to make simple birthday gift bags more fun with a gorgeous Bowdabra bow

How to dress Birthday Gift Bags with a Bowdabra Bow

birthday gift bags

Hello everyone, it’s Amanda from Whimsy Wreath Design Co.  Today I’m sharing my favorite birthday décor hack!  Let’s take a plain white gift bag and jazz it up with a bright and fun birthday bow. You will be making Birthday gift bags to be guaranteed to delight the recipient.

The best thing about this bow is that you can change it up to match any color or theme!  Choose an add-in for the bow that matches your gift, the part theme or the birthday person’s hobby.  Your gift will be personalized just for the recipient, and it’ll stand out at the party, too.

Let’s get this party started!


Large Bowdabra

Bowdabra® Bow Wire Value Pack – Gold – 100 yards – BOW3050 : Bowdabra

Gift Bag

Ribbons to match the Gift Bag or Theme, Cut at 34” each and dovetailed

Accents for Bow – flowers, small accents on a stick or wire, etc.

Optional Extra scraps of Bowdabra ribbons 


First, let’s cut a 25-inch piece of Bowdabra wire, fold in half and put in the Bowdabra, making sure the ends are tucked underneath.  Then, start the bow with your first ribbon choice.  You can use as many or few ribbons as you’d like!

I’m starting with the orange polka dot ribbon.  Measure 6” for the tail, then twist and push down into the Bowdabra.

Then, take the ribbon on the right side of the Bowdabra, bring it back to the left, measure 5” and again, twist and push down into the Bowdabra.  This is going to make your first 5-inch loop on the right side.

Repeat for the left side.  Make a 5” loop, then bring back to the middle of the Bowdabra, twist and push down.  This will leave you with a 6” tail on the right side, too.

Next bow layer

That’s your first layer for this birthday bow!  Repeat the process with as many ribbons as you’d like.  Cut each one at 34” and layer one on top of the other, making sure to twist and push down each one into the Bowdabra.

Don’t forget to twist when you push the ribbon down into the Bowdabra!

Now, if you’d like to stop here and have a gorgeous ribbon bow!  But let’s add in the birthday goodies at this point.

Add the accents

Today I’m using a few floral accents and a small pinwheel!  Start adding the accents into the Bowdabra, placing them on each side as you like.

Then, gently use the Wand to press into the center of the Bowdabra.  This will compress the center of the bow and make it easier to take out of the Bowdabra.  Take the wand out and carefully remove your beautifully made bow!

Pull the ends of the Bowdabra wire and put the open end through the loop, then pull to tighten.  Give the ends a few tight knots and you’ll be ready to take your bow out of the Bowdabra.

Once you take the bow out, adjust the loops and tails as you like.  Then using the wire, tie the bow to one of the handles of your gift bag.  (Don’t tie it through both or your bag won’t open.)  You can give the bow one more fluff and place the bow how you like it on your bag. Use the excess wire to tie to the bag in a bow so it can be reused or saved by the recipient.

Now you have a beautiful, one-of-a-kind birthday gift bag!  This also makes great party favor bag or gift bags for a baby shower, bridal shower, etc.  Make an inexpensive gift bag look like a million bucks!

birthday gift bags


Thank you for joining here on the Bowdabra Blog.  Happy Crafting! Wasn’t that an easy way to create birthday gift bags or gift bags for any occasion!  Be sure and visit us on the Bowdabra blog and like us on Facebook for more amazing videos, tutorials and more!


Whimsy Wreath Design Co LLC

Bowdabra's easy-to-create bow-makers are available at the Bowdabra website's online store and also at various retail establishments such as Amazon, AC Moore, Pat Catan's Stores, Jo Ann store, Michael's, and Walmart.

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