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How to easily mix and match ribbons to make a professional looking funky bow

funky bow

Hi! Joette from the Bowdabra Design team is here with another tip from the florist.
Welcome to our tutorial on how to create a professional looking funky bow with multiple spring ribbons and Bowdabra! Mixing and matching different ribbons is a fun and creative way to add personality and flair to your bow-making projects.

Bowdabra’s ultimate spring ribbon kits give you an endless array of color and pattern options to choose from. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use the Bowdabra tool to create a unique and playful Spring bow that’s sure to make a statement. So grab your ribbons and let’s get started!


Bowdabra spring ribbon

One 16” piece, two 24” pieces, and one 12” piece of the 2-1/2″ WIRED POSIES Lime ribbon with the ends pre-dovetailed

Two 24” pieces of the 1-1/2″ WIRED COLOR CHIC PLAID Hot Pink/Bright Yellow ribbon with ends pre-dovetailed

Two 24” pieces of the 1-1/2″ WIRED POSIES Yellow ribbon  with the ends pre-dovetailed

 (2) 24” pieces of the 1-1/2″ WIRED POSIES in Shocking Pink ribbon, ends pre-dovetailed

Two 24” pieces of the 1-1/2″ WIRED CANDY DOTS in Turquoise/Lime ribbon, ends pre-dovetailed

Two 24” pieces of the 1-1/2″ WIRED BURLAP Hot Lime ribbon, ends pre-dovetailed

Bowdabra Bow Wire

Large Bowdabra

funky bow

Bowdabra funky bow


First, Cut a length of Bowdabra bow wire, fold it in half, and place it in the Bowdabra. This will be your slipknot.

Next, place the lime posies ribbon in the Bowdabra for the tails.  Then, fold another piece in half making a 6-inch loop, and place that in the Bowdabra. Repeat for another loop. Make sure the tails are facing right side up and that the loops are the same size.

Repeat these steps with the next plaid ribbon. Then, do the same thing with the yellow posies ribbon, candy dot ribbon, and pink posies ribbon, finishing with two strips of the hot lime burlap ribbon.

To finish, use a 12″ piece of the lime posies ribbon inserted from the top for a scrunchy style bow.

Finish your funky bow

To finish your bow, thread the loose wires through the loop and pull tight while the bow is still in the Bowdabra.  Turn to the back and tie a knot.  Fluff and shape your bow. You have a beautiful spring funky bow you made in minutes with the Bowdabra!

funky bow

Music: Winter Time, Musician: Isobelle Walton, Album: Isobelle Walton, Source: VCG

Bowdabra's easy-to-create bow-makers are available at the Bowdabra website's online store and also at various retail establishments such as Amazon, AC Moore, Pat Catan's Stores, Jo Ann store, Michael's, and Walmart.

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