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DIY video – How to make the best big, colorful spring wreath with Bowdabra

Hi there! I’m Joette with the Bowdabra Design Team, with another tip from the florist! I’m excited to show you how to create a big colorful spring wreath using the Bowdabra, without the need for hot glue. This DIY tutorial is perfect for anyone looking to add some Springtime flair to their home decor. With my guidance, you can create a stunning wreath 30-inch spring wreath that’s sure to impress. So, grab your Bowdabra, and let’s get started!


  • Bowdabra
  • Bowdabra Bow Wire
  • Zip ties
  • Assorted colors and sizes of floral bushes
  • Assorted variety and sizes of foliage bushes
  • 60” of 5” wide wired ribbon
  • 56” of wired velvet ribbon
  • Wired yellow ribbon, 56″ of 2.5” wide
  • 56” of 1.5” wide wired green ribbon
  • 48” of 7/8” wide wired yellow ribbon
  • 30” Grapevine wreath
  • Double Sided Tape
  • 10” wide deco mesh
  • 1.5” Green Burlap

Note: double sided tape and deco mesh is optional

colorful spring wreath


colorful spring wreath

First, cut a length of Bowdabra bow wire, fold it in half, and lay it in the Bowdabra.  This will be your slipknot.

Next, if you are using the optional 10″ wide mesh lay it in the Bowdabra and twist and fold to make a four-loop bow.

Now, bend your first floral bush in half, and place it in the Bowdabra. Then add the 5″wide ribbon tail followed by making a two-loop bow.  (To make a two-loop bow, place one end in the Bowdabra, bring the other end across, and scrunch it in the Bowdabra, then scrunch down the middle.)

Next lay in the yellow and green ribbons that are added together with double-sided tape. Next, add some velvet lace to the tails. Now, fold a purple floral bush in half and add it to the Bowdabra, follow this with yellow florals on both sides.

Adding floral bushes

Now fold in half another floral bush and add it to the Bowdabra. Make another two-loop bow with the green and yellow ribbon. Scrunch everything down with the Bowdabra wand. Repeat by making another two-loop bow with the lace and velvet and the crocheted jute ribbons.

Next, Fold in half another pick and place it in the Bowdabra.  Now, feed the loose Bowdabra wire through the loop and pull everything tight while it is still in the Bowdabra.  Turn to the back, separate the ends, and tie a knot and double knot. fluff and shape.

Make the next swag

For the next swag, which will go behind the other one, add Bowdbra bow wire as you did before.  Now add the longest stems greenery, berries, and florals on which you have hooked the ends slightly.

Then fold in half a rose bush and place it in the Bowdabra on both sides. Now, take it out and tie it as you did with the first swag.

Make two one-sided swags

Prepare the bow wire as you did in the previous steps. Place the florals all on one side, remove them, and tie it up as before.


Tie all the swags and half swags as shown in the video. Use zip ties as needed for extra security. Fluff and arrange all your florals and bows. You have a gorgeous and colorful spring wreath with no glue required!

colorful spring wreath




Music: Winter Time, Musician: Isobelle Walton, Album: Isobelle Walton, Source: VCG

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