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Video DIY – How to quickly make a fun 2 in one centerpiece/door swag


o2 in 1 party centerpiece

Hi there, it’s Joette from the Bowdabra Design Team, and I’m excited to share with you another tip from the florist. In this video blog post, I’ll be showing you how to create a stunning 2 in one centerpiece/door swag that can easily be converted into a door swag  with Bowdabra.

Whether you’re hosting a shower, birthday party, or any other special event, these centerpieces are a great way to add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your decor. After the party convert it to an elegant door swag.  And the best part is that  you don’t need to be a professional florist. So, grab your Bowdabra and let’s get started on making this practical 2 in 1 centerpiece that your guests will adore.

2 in 1 party centerpiece


Heavy decorative class cereal bowl

Fitted slice of pool noodle

Handful of paper shred

Stick and saucer for a stick balloon

Flat 18” Mylar balloon

Two Yards of 21” wide deco mesh

Two Dollar Tree foliage bushes

Assorted floral bushes and stems

Assorted berry picks and sticks

Three Yards of 2.5” wide matching ribbon

Bowdabra Bow Wire

Large Bowdabra

Small zip tie


Two 10” long –  6” wide tulle pieces

Mini Bowdabra

Bowdabra Bow Wire

This Centerpiece offers a dual purpose Bouquet and a Door Swag. After the event, you can easily convert it into a Door Swag by removing the stick balloon and anchor pinning underneath. Then, locate the zip tie hanger on the back/top side and simply hang it on your door, similar to how you would hang a wreath or swag.

Note: Flowers and bow may require reshaping before displaying as door decor.


First, prepare your balloon and add it to the saucer and stick.  Next using a cereal bowl wedge in a piece of pool noodle and adhere it to the cereal bowl with some hot glue. Poke a hole in the pool noodle and stick in the balloon. Add some paper shred to cover up the pool noodle and set aside.

Now, cut a piece of Bowdabra bow wire, fold it in half and lay it in the Bowdabra. Then fold the end of the deco mesh to hide any fraying and begin scrunching it in the Bowdabra. Scrunch everything down with the Bowdabra wand.

Build your arrangement in this order:

Working on placing the florals on each side add the ferns, silver sticks, floral pick. Then, fold in half a floral bush and place it in the Bowdabra so that the florals are on both sides. Now, add a berry stem and a few more folded in half floral bushes. Add the daisy bushes (Focal flowers) on each side.

Finally, add your floral centerpiece to the balloon and bowl wrapping around.

Add the Bowdabra bow

Now, add a bow made in the funky bow style. Pieces of ribbon are folded in half like an awareness ribbon. Lay each one in the Bowdabra loop on one side and tails on the other, alternating back and forth. Make the loop of the last piece of ribbon smaller for a button loop. Scrunch everything down.

Thread the loose wire through the loop and pull up tight.  Remove from the Bowdabra, separate the ends and pull tight, turn to the back and tie knot and double knot.  Thread a small zip tie through the wire to make a loop for hanging as a door swag. Fluff, arrange and shape the centerpiece. Use some floral wire in the shape of a bobby pin to further secure the bow and flowers. You have a lovely 2 in one centerpiece/door swag

Optional Mini Bowdabra bow

Using the Mini Bowdabra make a scrunchy bow with some tulle. Add it to the balloon neck with the excess wire.

2 in 1 party centerpiece

Music: Winter Time, Musician: Isobelle Walton, Album: Isobelle Walton, Source: VCG

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