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Bowdabra Testimonials

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Excited about the Bowdabra products!  Want to share your latest bow? Or pass along helpful hints to fellow Bowdabra bow making customers.  Please use our contact form below to share your thoughts along with an image of your craft project or bow.

We will feature many of the testimonials and images.  If you have a blog and reviewed the Bowdabra or used the Bowdabra Bow Making products in a craft please be sure to leave your blog link in the subject line.

As a token of our appreciation, for sharing your feedback about our Bowdabra products please enjoy our latest Bowdabra Ebook.  Learn to gift wrap like a pro!  Create trendy gift packages, embellish the gifts, and design themed presents.  You can do it all with our step-by-step gift wrapping ebook.  Change the colors and embellishments to fit any occasion or season.

Bowdabra Gift Wrapping Book

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