Halloween Decor

Halloween might look a little different in 2020, but the fun of pumpkin carving and crafty décors are still a must-do activity. This Halloween be crafty with DIY decoration ideas. Just around the corner now, Halloween is the perfect time to add some spooky fun in your life.

The best and probably the easiest Halloween crafts décor is to create anything and everything with beautiful bows. All you need is some ribbons, mesh, beads, etc. and you can make DIY Halloween props, or any type of cool Halloween headbands, decorating pumpkins, bracelets, necklaces, wreaths, etc. It gets as easy as possible with Bowdabra. Make Halloween props and costumes with easy tutorials.

This Halloween, make DIY Halloween crafts with bows and Bowdabra. Grab a Bowdabra, some ribbons, mesh, some props if required, beads or anything else and start spreading the magic. Check out our bow craft tutorials both on videos and on the blog to learn how to make Halloween Bows and props. Set your imagination free, swirl your Bowdabra wand and Voilà!
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