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Gail Griffin – Bowdabra Designer

Gail GriffinHi! I’m Gail, from Purple Hues and Me! I enjoy crafting/diy, sewing, upholstery, reading, travel and sometimes cooking. I also love the color purple – can’t you tell? I’m married to a wonderful man I first met at vacation bible school many years ago. We have one son, the writer, and live in an active adult community where I have “Let’s Get Crafty” sessions in the community clubhouse. My background is in marketing, property management, and retail management. I was introduced to crafts by my talented mother-in-law. We had a small craft business back in the 80’s where she would create craft items and I would find places to sell them. Follow me as I try my hand at all sorts of unique crafts and diy projects. Sometimes I even amaze myself as to what I can come up with!

Email: [email protected]

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