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It is the best bowmaker we’ve had
Did a TV segment on WZZM channel 13 and people went crazy over it. It is the best bowmaker we’ve had. I work @ a flower shop nursery and just wanted to tell you how great it is and I will only recommend the bowdabra.  
- Linda Berg, calling from Michigan
I am very grateful for your Bowdabra
Hi! For a person with two left hands for making bows all her life, I am very grateful for your bowdabra. Now I am making some bows for my church bazaar and own gifts. It has been wonderful to produce something so beautiful in less than five minutes, and be able to take care of your family in the middle of a bow, if necessary. Thank you very much. I am interested in the price for the Home Decor Video, and where I can find it. Thanks again.  
- Lou Valentin
The level of creativity is endless with your product
I found the BOWDABRA being featured on QVC, thought it looked fairly easy and I would give it a shot. As soon as your product arrived I sat right down and watched the video, and thought to myself: This looks too good to be true , so I watched the video one more time. My husband said Not another bow making gadget. So I started making a bow and, what a surprise, it was absolutely perfect the first time. I thought beginners luck, (and) tried it again and again and again. Perfect bows every time. Now you got me hooked! I make bows for all my crafts projects and any occasion that required a special touch. I make my own bows for all gift giving occasions and stand back and wait for rave reviews on how great the gift looks. I can’t wait for the Christmas holidays. I will be putting BOWDABRA to the ultimate test. The level of creativity is endless with your product. It is so easy to use, regardless if you’re making the smallest of bows or some of the really big ones that I have seen in the craft stores. One thing I forgot to mention is the money I am saving not having to buy store made bows or the ones you put on presents. By making my own bows I’m adding that extra special touch and making the person feel special. I have been telling my family and friends about your product and how simple and easy it is to use. I can’t thank Nuvell Crafts enough for developing such a fine product. It really is a lot of fun to use and the creative possibilities are endless.  
- Bonnie Gunshore
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