How to make an elegant wedding pew bow

Weddings are beautiful.  And you can make them even more beautiful for pennies when you make the pew bows.  Sandy Sandler, the creator of the Bowdabra is here today to show you how to make an elegant pew bow for a wedding at any time of the year.




“Now we’re going to make this elegant wedding pew bow that any bride would love to have at her wedding. So, let’s get started.”

I’m going to take my Bowdabra Bow Wire, I’m folding it in half. I’m just going to lay it into the Bowdabra and just tuck it underneath so it stays out of my way.

Then, I’m going to take my Bowdabra Sparkle Mesh, I’m just going to fold it in half and lay this down into the Bowdabra. I’m just going to scrunch because these are going to be tails. And then I have some tulle, and I’m just going to scrunch the tulle down into my Bowdabra. So I have sort of a little bit of elegant pink color mixing with the silver.

Next, we’ll have a white ribbon at the end. So, we’re just going to scrunch that down. I’m going to take another piece of my silver mesh; this is the right side. I’m going to take the right side and put it down into my Bowdabra. Then,  I’m going to bring this over here, and again, take the right side and scrunch that down. That way, we have the right side all the way around on the outside. And I’m just going to scrunch that down into my Bowdabra.

Next, I’m going to take this beautiful pearl-lined sheer wire edge ribbon. We’re just going to twist it and scrunch that down into the Bowdabra. And I’m just going to continue doing this.

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So, I’m just going to fold this over here, bring this back here and scrunch that in. Then, I have these really cool just little pieces of garland with the beautiful wedding bells on it that I’m going to lay in here, . And I have another piece. And for some of these materials, we’ll have the links below. So now, I’m just going to lay my bunch of roses into my Bowdabra. Then, I take my wand and scrunch this down.

So, this is project is super, super easy and is a great thing to do at your bridal shower. You can have all your bridesmaids help you make your pew bows. So, let me make sure I get my two pieces of wire pulled through my slipknot. Pull it tight while it’s still in the Bowdabra. I’m going to pull it out and then separate the ends, bring it around to the back. I’m just going to tie a knot and then double-knot it.

Then, I’m going to leave the wire so that I can tie it onto the pew, the bow holders for the pews. And we’re just going to shape out my little garland, bring my roses up to the center. And let’s just get these all up here. Then I shape my bow by pulling in opposite directions, all of my loops. These are wired, so I can shape them and just kind of make them a little bit fuller. And I’m going to do the same thing on the other side. And then, you have this absolutely gorgeous bow.

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How to make Beautiful Wedding Pew Bows

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