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World's Most Affordable Way to Make Fashionable Bows
World’s Most Affordable Way to Make Fashionable Bows

Long story, long. At age 7 my granddaughter was in her first English riding show 2 weeks ago, after all the money her widowed mom put into lessons, pony lease and show clothes the price of the bows for her braids broke the camel’s back. My daughter instructed me to get a bow maker and start making the bows. The one best reviewed and highly spoken of was Bowdabra and it looked pretty useable for someone who is all thumbs and they are arthritic. Plus I am untalented and have not one creative streak anywhere. Big challenge. I emailed Bowdabra asking which size to get. Sandy replied with the needed info and said she would be doing a video on Horse Show Bows that Monday. I ordered the Mini Bowdabra and watched the video. I am inspired and excited, I think I might be able to come through for my girls. I hadn’t gotten shipping information on the 4th day so I emailed again. Again Sandy answered me and gave me tracking info. She also asked if I was the one she had included the Horse Show Bows for–just for me! I was blown away I felt so special. My order is due today and the mail has already arrived but USPS tracking still says it’s out for delivery. So I wait for 8:00P. More when I get started.

- Barbara Fischer
I love that I can count on the tools to help me with my projects and design
I love that I can count on the tools to help me with my projects and design

Bowdabra tools and products have been a staple in my life since approximately 2007. As a creative designer I love that I can count on the tools to help me with my projects and designs. I also love how it helps people who don’t believe they have a crafty bone in their body to learn how to save money and make their own bows and embellishments!!! If you don’t already own a @bowdabra go get yours today. You will be wondering why you haven’t bought one sooner :)

- Christel Jules
Any beginner can make a bow on the Bowdabra. It diffidently deserves 5 Stars!!!
Any beginner can make a bow on the Bowdabra. It diffidently deserves 5 Stars!!!

I’m just starting to make wreaths and learning how to make bows by hand. Then I saw the Bowdabra and fell in love with this thing. It’s amazing at all the different bows that I’ve learned how to make on this very creative designed tool. Any beginner can make a bow on the Bowdabra. It diffidently deserves 5 stars!!!

- Donna Hunter
There Can't be a Bow Maker Tool Easier Than This
There Can’t be a Bow Maker Tool Easier Than This

I positively LOVE the ease if use and affordability of this product! The tutorials are fantastic and easy to understand! I have no plans of ever using another bow maker!

- Kellie Chapman
What Makes Bowdabra the Best Bow Maker
What Makes Bowdabra the Best Bow Maker

Really love to use the Bowdabra. Easy to use. So many ideas. 3 different sizes for all your needs. Each sold separately. Used my 1st one at a craft class. Went out and bought one the next day. No regrets. Thank you for all the ideas on your blog for continued usage.

- Joni Rumbaugh
I love my Bowdabra
I love my Bowdabra

I love my Bowdabra. Have so much fun making bows.

- Elaine Vickery
Best Bow Making Tool
Best Bow Making Tool

It’s the best bow making tool around! No other compares!

- Gail M Griffin
Love my Bowdabra !!!
Love my Bowdabra !!!

Love my Bowdabra !!! It is so easy to use and I can create beautiful bows and more. Also love the Facebook Lives. I’ve been getting lots of great ideas. Thanks Sandy

- Janet Lienhard
I Found the Perfect Bow Maker
I Found the Perfect Bow Maker

Just happened to pick one up at Michael’s and had no clue what a little gem I had found!! Excited to get started making barrettes for my granddaughter!!!!

- Colleen M Fralinger
I Love my Bowdabra! My bows look awesome eyery time
I Love my Bowdabra! My bows look awesome eyery time

I love my Bowdabra! I love it so much I just bought the mini one too! It’s so easy to use! My bows look awesome every time!

- Ashley Garcia Farmer
I'm Glad to Find Bowdabra Bow Maker
I’m Glad to Find Bowdabra Bow Maker

I love love love both my Bowdabra bow makers. I am so glad I got them!

- Julie Marie Blanda Dahlke
I love this DIY Bow Maker Tool
I love this DIY Bow Maker Tool

I love this Bowdabra. I used to make them by hand. My hands would start to hurt after making so many. Bowdabra has made so easy and no pain.

- Duane Christensen
Your Mini Bowdabra has made it easy and Simple
Your Mini Bowdabra has made it easy and Simple

Recently my children had switched school and their new school bows are really a big thing so I offered to buy my daughters { 7 and 10 } bows my daughters both said they wanted to make their own :O so off to the store we went . Your mini Bowdabra has made it easy and simple for them to use. We have made some really beautiful bows and they wear them proudly at school even the other children can NOT believe they are homemade and a few have asked my daughters if they can make bows for them . The best part is the time me and my daughters spend together making them and sharing ideas. Thank you for this absolutely wonderful product. We LOVE it !!!

- Monica Lynn Kotkin
Mini Bowdabra is perfect tool for making smaller bows

I can’t tell you how many people have asked me to make bows for them. They truly don’t believe me when I tell them that it is easy… but it is! Most people just don’t have the right tools at their disposal. The Bowdabra can help you make bows for tree toppers, garlands, wreaths, and more. Mini Bowdabra is the perfect tool for making smaller bows for ornaments. The best part… you can pick up these tools at most craft retailers, such as Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores, Michaels, and AC Moore. They are not expensive, either!

- Trish
Every bow comes out even on both sides

For those of you who like to make bows for your little girls or even yourself, know how hard it is to do. I know that I have tried making hair bows for my girls in the past and I did it but they always came out uneven. With this product every bow comes out even on both sides and so pretty too.

- Heather Wong
Bowdabra is so easy

Have made several beautiful fold and twist bows for wreaths. So easy! Thank you for your product.

- Maura W
Bowdabra makes it so easy

I love making my baby granddaughter hair bows. The small Bowdabra makes this so easy. I love it.

- Michelle S
I use bowdabra every day

I use bowdabra every day! I tell all my friends to buy one too! It just makes perfect sense to buy it if you want perfect bows every time ! And the YouTube tutorials are awesome! I have the regular and the mini and I will be buying duicates! I just can be without it!

- Shannon
Thank you for your product

I use the bowdabra for my floral business. It is easy to make beautiful bows and swags with it. I have owned my bowdabra for four years and it is as good as new. Perhaps you will design a larger model? Thank you for your product.

- Tonie H
Love the product

I have used both bowdabras and love them. I made hair bows for my daughters volleyball team and bows for my other daughters wedding, plus I have used it for making bows for gift wrapping. Love the product!

- Jenny H
I only use Bowdabra to make my bows

I love the Bowdabra. I own a Gift Basket Company where I only use Bowdabra to make my bows for my gift baskets and also when I’m gift wrapping for my customers. The customers are always “wowed” by the perfect bow that appears on their gift basket. A Bowdabra bow always exceed the outcome of a gift. Thank You.

- Loretta J
It is the best bowmaker we’ve had

Did a TV segment on WZZM channel 13 and people went crazy over it. It is the best bowmaker we’ve had. I work @ a flower shop nursery and just wanted to tell you how great it is and I will only recommend the bowdabra.

- Linda Berg, calling from Michigan
I am very grateful for your Bowdabra

Hi! For a person with two left hands for making bows all her life, I am very grateful for your bowdabra. Now I am making some bows for my church bazaar and own gifts. It has been wonderful to produce something so beautiful in less than five minutes, and be able to take care of your family in the middle of a bow, if necessary.

Thank you very much. I am interested in the price for the Home Decor Video, and where I can find it. Thanks again.

- Lou Valentin
The level of creativity is endless with your product

I found the BOWDABRA being featured on QVC, thought it looked fairly easy and I would give it a shot. As soon as your product arrived I sat right down and watched the video, and thought to myself: This looks too good to be true , so I watched the video one more time. My husband said Not another bow making gadget. So I started making a bow and, what a surprise, it was absolutely perfect the first time. I thought beginners luck, (and) tried it again and again and again. Perfect bows every time. Now you got me hooked! I make bows for all my crafts projects and any occasion that required a special touch. I make my own bows for all gift giving occasions and stand back and wait for rave reviews on how great the gift looks. I can’t wait for the Christmas holidays. I will be putting BOWDABRA to the ultimate test.

The level of creativity is endless with your product. It is so easy to use, regardless if you’re making the smallest of bows or some of the really big ones that I have seen in the craft stores. One thing I forgot to mention is the money I am saving not having to buy store made bows or the ones you put on presents. By making my own bows I’m adding that extra special touch and making the person feel special. I have been telling my family and friends about your product and how simple and easy it is to use. I can’t thank Nuvell Crafts enough for developing such a fine product. It really is a lot of fun to use and the creative possibilities are endless.

- Bonnie Gunshore
Thank you BOWDABRA

I made all my own wedding favors and table decoration with BOWDABRA. My wedding looked like a fairy tale and I saved hundreds of dollars. Thank you BOWDABRA!

- Craft Store Customer, D. Bell, Newburgh, NY
BOWDABRA has made my life easier

I am a floral designer and I make hundred of bows each month. BOWDABRA has made my life easier and my customers are amazed with the bows that are on their floral arrangements.

- QVC caller
BOWDABRA is the best

I have tried all three bow making machines and BOWDABRA is the best! Thank you so much!

- QVC caller
Hats off to BOWDABRA!!!

Thank you for bringing BOWDABRA to TSC in Canada. I must say it is everything you said it would be and more! I have tried many bow-making gadgets in the market and yours is the BEST! I was making bows in a matter of minutes. I look forward to you coming back to TSC in the fall and hope you bring another blockbuster ribbon kit like the last one you had. What a buy that was! Keep up the good work!

- Donna
Thanks for making me look so crafty!

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your product. I had to make several pew bows for a friend’s wedding. I had never made bows before and ended up buying the wooden bow maker that is on the market. It didn’t work for me at all. So I looked around and came across the Bowdabra. I figured I would try it and was amazed at how easy it was to use! The pew bows are beautiful and cost a fraction of what they would have if we had bought them pre-made. They are also a lot prettier. I added tulle bows and a garland of greenery to the back of the bow. I also added a small flower with a spray of pearls to the middle of the bow and a tulle scrunchy bow to the top of the bow holder that fits on the pew. They are lovely and very professional looking thanks to Bowdabra. This is a product I will enjoy using for many years to come. Thanks for making me look so crafty!

- Sheila Gentry
I love it

I have seen so many DND’s on making bows. When I saw this at my craft store I bought it to try. I love it. I can make bows so fast and all the ideas are great. Thanks.

- Linda Mesler
Thank you for making this wonderful bow maker

I have arthritis very bad. I sit a lot. I used to make all my bows by hand, but I can’t anymore. But, with your bow maker I can!!! I still have pain in my hands and arms, but I can make bows just as nice as before! Even better! That makes me very happy. I thank you so very much for making this wonderful bow maker. God Bless You!

- Meryl
I can still make beautiful bows

Several months ago, the day before I moved to my new home, I was robbed. The criminal has wonderful taste, taking much of my studio equipment, INCLUDING MY BOWDABRA… Well, when the insurance settlement came in, this was the FIRST thing replaced! We may not have any chairs, but I can still make beautiful bows!

- Barbara Calfee
I love my bowdabra

It is great fun. We get the whole wedding party together and see what we can come up with it. It is a lot of laughs.

- Bernice
Thank you! Great product Sandy!!!

I have a gift basket making business and I use it all the time! Have you considered equipping the bowdabra with a measuring line? I saw another bow maker that had one and it helps measure out your bows so they come out really even on both sides, although I like your compact bow maker style.

- Deseri
I absolutely love it

I received the bowdabra and the mini bowdabra for my birthday in November in time for Christmas. It was given to me by my niece. I absolutely love it. I made the most beautiful packages. I shopped at Dollar Wise and purchased many of my ribbons and chinelle picks for the packages. It was wonderful, easy, and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys wrapping packages.

- Judy Call
They look great on the dress

I used the mini bowdabra to make bows for my dog and now I have so many. I’m selling the bows! They look great on the dress I make for dogs too. This is great!

- Elizabeth Padilla
“I’ve never seen a bow as beautiful as this”

I’m a Marykay consultant, I went to make a delivery and had made a bow using my Bowdabra. After my customer paid for her product I took out a gift wrapped in a bag. I had a bow on it. She made a comment that it was pretty. Her husband turned around and said “this bow is very beautiful.” He said, “I’ve never seen a bow as beautiful as this” he repeated twice. He picked it up to take better look at it. Thanks

- Judy Rocha
I love the mini bowdabra for hair bows

I love the mini bowdabra for hair bows and wanted to let you know how I seal the ribbon. I don’t use a lighter I use a wood burning tool instead. (Versa tool) I also keep a wet rag near by to clean the tip while I’m using it and so it doesn’t get to hot. If it gets to hot it can discolor the ribbon ends. Oh yes, I also sell hair bows on ebay sometimes to go with the little girls outfits I sew. So the mini bowdabra I have is helping me to make some extra money too! Thanks. :)

- Cheryl Larrabee
That make really fabulous Doggy bows

I have taught myself some techniques that make really fabulous Doggy bows. I also love to make the Scrunchies for both my male and female Yorkies, as they look adorable in them. I would love it if you came out with bows just for pets. My guys love to get all dressed up and wear a matching Bowdabra bow!

- Cheryl Allen
I can hardly wait to start making bows

Thanks so much for writing back about the Bowdabra machine. I purchased the gadget at Michael’s in Plymouth, Minnesota sometime in Dec. ’08. Thanks for all the help you’ve provided. I can hardly wait to start making bows. I do silk design work for personal recreation and gift giving, and I’ve always wanted the final touch being a professional bow.

- Sincerely Renee Samuelson
Bowdabra is the greatest thing

Bowdabra is the greatest thing since sliced bread! I purchased one during the Christmas season mainly to make pew bows for a wedding I was directing. I have never been able to make a pretty bow mainly because of arthritis in my hands. However, with Bowdabra I have been able to make beautiful pew bows for the wedding. I can’t wait to try other bows and to try making a swag arrangement and a floral wreath. Thanks again for this wonderful invention!

- Kathy Beheler
Your product is truly amazing

I love the bowdabra, it is fun to work with, I’m amazed at how well my bows turn out they look professional. I never thought I would be able to make them so easily. Your product is truly amazing. Thank you.

- Kassie
Bows are prettier than store bought ones

I bought the Bowdabra at wal mart. I used it for the first time This Easter. I made some of the neighborhood kids that weren’t getting Easter pails. I filled them with candy,toys and I had a party at my house. I wrapped their pails in tissue paper. I made the bows with the bowdabra the kids & their parents went crazy over the bows that I made myself. I showed them the bowdabra kit they thought it was really neat. I told them where I got it. I also bought the mini bowdabra. I would recommend your product to anyone. Plus, it saves money and the bows are prettier than store bought ones. The best part is you made them yourself . THANK YOU FOR A GREAT PRODUCT I JUST LOVE IT ALOT.

- Helen Sims
I look forward to making more bows with my Bowdabra

I had attempted making bows by hand and was just not getting it. Any directions i found online were unclear or had no pictures to go with them! I had looked at the Bowdabra before and tossed around the idea of getting one but this time i really needed it. The need being that i wanted to make pew bows for my wedding. I purchased it (very affordable!) and that night finished 14 pew bows! The accompanying DVD was a considerable help and the ideas presented were amazing! I look forward to making more bows with my Bowdabra!

- Heidi
Love It

My daughter bought a Bowdabra for me for my birthday! I can not believe that I didn’t have one before this! I love it!! I’ve “hand tied” bows for years with out one and can not believe how much easier this is now…I was always looking for my third hand to help me. I totally LOVE this product.

- Andee Harbison
Using the Bowdabra is easy

The Bowdabra is a unique bow and crafting tool that crafters can use to help make bows and other craft decorations for hair pieces, gift decorations and so much more. Using the Bowdabra is easy and you can find out more about this simple crafting tool from my article about it by clicking here and reading complete article.

- Jeff Gedgaud
Thank you for this magnificent invention

My manager on my job thought of me and surprised me with a bordabra. I thank her for such a wonderful gift. I have many projects I work on at my church and that includes weddings. Our church has twenty-eight pews in the center and twenty-four side pews. I have been making bows by hand and these are large bows. My hands began to cramp after awhile. Bowdabra has been a blessing and I can turn out as many bows as I have ribbon and be free from pain. Thank you for this magnificent invention.

- Cecelia Golliday, Saint Louis, Missouri
It is super easy to do

My mom always makes the perfect-looking wrapped Christmas gifts. I am not talented enough. What stands out the most? The bows! I have found a great way to create these beautiful bows without wanting to pull my hair out. I’ve discovered the Mini Bowdabra®! Not only does the Mini Bowdabra® create beautiful bows for packages, but you can also create beautiful hair bows! It is super easy to do, especially with the instructional aspects.

With the Mini Bowdabra® Hair Bow Tool accessory kit, you can make hair bows without hot glue or sewing. The Mini Bowdabra® Hair Tool includes an instructional CD featuring 70 projects in a 541-page e-book with step-by-step instructions, 10 yards of bow wire, and the accessory kit itself. The CD e-book features holiday bows, dog bows and baby bows and includes four languages: English, Spanish, French, and German. The tool itself is in metric and inches.

- Mindy

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