Beaded Ribbon Bracelet

Make a ribbon bracelet adorned with beads for Mom this Mother’s Day. This bracelet is so easy to make using Morex Ribbon-to-Bead sold exclusively at Bowdabra’s Ribbons Crafts & Things Store.

The Morex Ribbon-to-Bead has a special wire needle already attached to the ribbon. Attaching beads to ribbon is a breeze with this inventive easy to use ribbon.


To use the Morex Ribbon-to-Bead first begin by unwinding the ribbon from the spool.


Next, using large eyed beads thread them to the very end of the ribbon. The beaded project should always be at the end of the ribbon so that the wire needle can be used for other projects.


Helpful Hint: Using large eyed beads works the best! Look at these pretty beads that I found at my local craft store for this project.


I attached ribbon to each side of the center bead for an elegant look.


Mom will love her handmade ribbon and bead bracelet!


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