Ribbon Rings: The Perfect Tool for Organizing Ribbon

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This is Melissa Bickle, inventor of the Ribbon Rings. No one loves ribbon more than I do. I use it on all my homemade cards and scrapbook layouts. I was unsatisfied with the various spool storage systems, bag systems, and clip products designed to store and organize pieces of ribbon, so I developed the most efficient, practical system of all: Ribbon Ring.

Ribbon Ring is comprised of a metal book ring and durable plastic ribbon tags that replace traditional ribbon storage products. The design offers more storage in less space and lends itself to be displayed in a craft area. The Ribbon Ring Starter Set tags can hold ribbon up to 1” wide. Multiple ribbons can be hung per tag, side-by-side, depending on ribbon width.

Ribbon Rings look gorgeous hanging on a coat rack or other hook in a craft area. Use additional metal rings to organize ribbon by color.

Advantages of Ribbon Ring
Ӣ You can easily find the specific ribbon you are looking for.
Ӣ You can tell how much of a particular ribbon you have left without unwinding a spool or digging through a box.
Ӣ Ribbon does not wrinkle or get tangled.
Ӣ Ribbon Rings take up very little space and can be hung on the wall/door.
Ӣ Ribbon Ring tags are durable and can be used over and over.
Ӣ Ribbon Ring loves to travel. Simply roll your Ribbon Ring in a hand towel and put it in your scrapbook tote. Plastic sleeves from the newspaper also make great Ribbon Ring covers for travel or dust concerns.

Ribbon Ring products are now available for purchase at . Check them out and tame your ribbon!

Best regards, Melissa

Sandy Sandler shares additional information about the Ribbon Rings in her latest Bowdabra video. To purchase the Ribbon Rings click here. – If you are having difficulty viewing the video try clearing your cache or switching to a different browser. The video is also available at our .

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