Back-to-School: Add Style to a Notebook with Ribbons and Bows

Add style and jazz to a simple notebook by weaving ribbon on the front and back cover. The woven ribbon can then be used to hold paper clips, pens, or even to attach hair clips! Need a quick hair bow? – Just grab it from your notebook cover! Return back-to-school with gorgeous woven ribbon notebooks!

Woven Ribbon Notebooks


Materials Needed:

  • Wireless Composition






1. Begin with a plain composition notebook. You will need a notebook that is not spiral bound.

Woven Ribbon Notebook


2. Next, add strips of ribbon. First glue the ends to the back inside cover.

Woven Ribbon Notebook


3. Bring the ribbon around to the front of the notebook and glue the ends to the inside cover.

Woven Ribbon Notebook


4. Begin to weave larger pieces of ribbon lengthwise.

Woven Ribbon Notebook


5. Weave ribbon both on the front and back of the notebook.

Woven Ribbon Notebook


6. Glue the ends of the ribbon to the inside of the notebook.

Woven Ribbon Notebook


7. The ribbon notebook is completed and ready for use. Have fun and make several! Clip some hair bows onto the front this way you always have a bow when you need one! :-)

Woven Ribbon Notebook

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